Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday funnies _ 5.30.14

Isabel gave me a kiss goodnight, says her i love yous, climbs into bed and says, see ya later!

100 on your math test, good job!! 
"Yeah, I'm kind of a math genius."

In the car,  I say "time for me to go get my new tooth back" (replacing a crown the fell out).
Isabel says "make sure they glue it in real good this time."

Getting ready to eat wings and I notice there aren't any napkins. I tell Madison "hope you can lick your fingers real good." She says "oh yeah, I've been doing it since I was 2."

Science Fair

Madison had her first Science Fair event last night at her school. She was so excited and so proud. 
She made up 3 different examples of electro-magnetism. Of course her father help figure it all out but schooled her along the way. She be came very interested in how everything worked. The night before we did a mock Science Fair. We set it all up. They provided sample questions that they might ask the kids, and we practiced those. She answered with such enthusiasm and  demonstrated how each example worked. Turns out they asked her those exact questions, so she was glad we practiced. Very proudly she says "And I didn't even say 'umm' once!"  Ha Ha

At the end of the night we ll gathered in the auditorium to hear who the winners were. Each grade had 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. And Madison won 2nd place for her grade!!!

Along with the Science Fair, each grade did themed deocrations. her grade's theme was the Solar System....and they won!!!! top off the whole Spirit week...her team won Field Day! All in all i think this girl has a great week!!!

Shoprite Weekly Highlights, Ad week 6/1 to 6/7

In Ad Coupons: 
Whomp whomp coupons :(
BUT...there was a pretty good coupon code for Shoprite from Home.  $15 of FREE Produce when you place a SR from Home order of $150 or more. Enter Promo Code:  FREEPRODUCE

And don't forget to check your online SR account or the SR app, to see what coupons you can add to your SR card electronically.

Deals & Steals:
*Turkey Hill ice cream - $1.77
*Chock Full O'Nuts  k-cups -- $4.88 (12 ct)
*Entenman's little bites - $1.88
*Pepperidge Farm cookies - $1.74
*Lindy's water ice & Popsicle -- $.88
*Furlani garlic toast - $1.39
*Dole Shakers smoothies - $1.49
*Yellow onions (3lb bag) -- $2.49
*Red seedless grapes -- $1.49/lb.
*SR glass cleaner and All purpose cleaner -- $1.29
*Libby's canned vegetables -- 4/$3.00
*Martinson ground coffee -- $2.99
*SR peanut butter - $1.79
*Calavita pasta - $.99
*Coffee mate creamers -- $1.66
*Butterball turkey bacon - 3/$5
*B&G deli style pickles - $1.99
*Yo crunch yogurt - 10/$6.00
*La Chocolat yogurt -- $.88
*Powerade (32 oz) - $.88
*SR applesauce (6 pk) - $1.88
*Quaker popped mini rice snacks - 2/$3.00
*Kodak heavy duty batteries - $.59
*Chatties flip flops - $1.99
*Colgate kids toothpaste - $2/$3.98

4 Day price break deals -- these are special prices ONLY on Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat. 6/4 to 6/7
*SR frozen pancakes & waffles -- $.99
*Chicken of the Sea solid white tune - $.88
*Langers Cranberry Juice  - $1.49

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Nail art ideas

I used to really be into nail art. And I do still try out some designs here and there and try to get creative for special occasions.  So I just thought I would share with you all a few of my past nail art ideas and what inspired them. Try it yourself! Its not as hard as it seems and can be fun!

The week I tried this one, I was getting a new tattoo of ladybugs. So of course my nails had to match.

This was for the Candyland birthday party we did for my twins a couple years ago. I made them big cupcake cakes and decorated them just like my nails.

                                    Googly eyes and ghost faces for Halloween one year.

I tried too many times to do clover leafs for St. Patty's day, so I gave up and just painted every nails a different color from my green nail polish collection. The result wasn't too bad.

               This was one of my very first designs...a winter time penguin. He was cute!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The 5 Year Rollercoaster

I don't know what to do anymore.

This is not MY fault.

Something is not right.
Whatever, push it aside.
Things are great. 
New start.
No drama. 
But wait, here we go again.


Time for a new leaf?
Maybe not.
This is not acceptable.
This is not fair.

But something seems wrong. 

Everything aside. 

Yes, an answer.


I DO care.
But still, there is no excuse.
Or is there?
Sudden Fear.

Everything else aside.
No more outsiders, its just us.
Family bond.
Really?? I just can't.

Guilt....this isn't about me.
Need to be the rock.

Don't know if I can be the rock.

Guilt. Worry. Fear. Guilt. Worry. Fear.
World upside down?

NO it won't.
Everything makes sense now.
Moving forward.
Am I wrong for the way I feel?
How do I feel??
Guilt....this isn't about me.
This is what I promised from the beginning.
I am HERE.


CVS secret revealed

OMG!! A cashier at CVS told me a secret last week and I just did the research and its true.  And if you know how to coupon at CVS this can be a big deal. here it goes..........

On Saturdays, about 7pm, the computers switch over so you can get the sale deals that are ending AND the new ones that start on Sunday. OMG!!!!

Now I have not fully tested this out yet, but here is how I found out.

Saturday night, went in about 7:45pm to get some Hagaan Das. No sale sign on it, so I excepted to pay like $5.50 for it. Cashier rang me out and it was $3.50. Its on sale?!?!  I mentioned to the cashier 'That's right. You guy take your signs DOWN on Saturdays. I come in here to coupon and ti throws me all off and I end up leaving with nothing."  He proceeds to tell me "yeah, a lot of people don't like that. But sommmeeeee times, on Saturday about 6-7pm, the computers update so you can get Saturday AND Sunday sales." WHOA!!!

I WILL be testing this out next week!!!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Shoprite Weekly Highlights, Ad week 5/25 - 5/31

Below are the highlights of the sales for next week at Shoprite. Compared to last week there were not a lot of In Ad coupons, at all. And I wasn't too impressed with the sales either.So here are a few of the highlights. Have a great holiday weekend!!

Golden pineapples -- 2/$2.98 (on sale for $1.97 ea. without coupon)
Pepsi 2ltr -- 5/$3.98
Friendly's ice cream (48 oz) -- 2/$2.98 (on sale for $1.99 ea. without coupon)
black bear American cheese (deli sliced) - $4.98/lb

Weekly Deals & Steals:
Popsicle Friecrackers, 6 to 8ct package -- $.88
Eight O'Clock coffee K-cups - $5.99 
SR frozen veggies - 10/$10
Hawaiin Tropic & Bullfrog sunscreens - 50% off 
SanGiorgio pasts - $.77
Solo Heavy Duty plates - $1.39
SR plastic wrap - $1.39
Baggies food storage bags - $1.39
Dixie napkins - $1.39

Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad -- $.99
(this is what was used in my blog with my pasta salad recipe. Will link below)

Campbell's ready to Enjoy soup -- $1.00
SR ground coffee -- $2.49
SR hazelnut spread -- $1.99   (much better then over $5 for the name brand, huh??)
 Wetones wipes - $1.34
Box fan - $17.99
Colagte Toothpaste or toothbrush (select ones) -- $.77

***Pasta salad recipe:

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Naturebox review for May

We got our first Nature Box!!! Woo Hoo!!! We were all so excited to get this and try it out. But before I get into describing each snack we received, a little more info first.

Naturebox is a monthly subscription  box. that comes each month to your door.. You receive healthy snacks that they chose for you, or you can build you box with the snacks of your choice.
They also work with Feeding America® to provide food to the millions of families who go hungry.

There are three different box sizes you can choose from and they are all Free Shipping:
*THE DELUXE BOX --  5 full size, nutritious snack bags each month. $19.95/box
*THE HAPPY SNACKER BOX -- 10 snack bags - 5 different snacks, 2 bags of each snack.
Great for 4-5 people. $29.95/box
*THE SMART SNACKER BOX -- 20 snack bags - 5 different snacks, 4 bags of each snack.

All of the bags are about 4-5oz each, which are a decent size. Although the snacks are all healthy, I have to admit they are pretty tasty.

They have a special going on, that I was able to pass on to you all. You can get $10 off your first box. I have listed the coupon code & website below for you.  

Now onto the snacks we received this month and my impression on them. We got 5 bags and there was a deal for $1 add ons, so we added one for 6 bags total.  Hold up, I just noticed something........we got a surprise added so we actually got 7 bags. Holla!!! I wonder now, if this is something they always do??

1 - Southern BBQ sunflower kernels - these were good, kids loved them, simple BBQ sunflower seeds.

2 - Blueberry Almond Bites - these were a fave of mine. They were little granola like squares. They texture and taste was almost like a rice cake. Very light.

3 - Chili Lime Pistachios - Spicy!!! Good but Spicy!!

4 - Santa Fe Corn Stix - these were Madison's fave. They were chip like in taste & texture. They looked like tiny stix, but tasted like a cross between Dorito's and Fritos. Not too bad.

5 - Roasted Sea Salt Chickpeas -- Eh. They didn't really have too much flavor in my opinion.

6 - PB &J granola -- good flavor, strange texture. It was soft granola with chunks of dried strawberries. Don't get me wrong, it was tasty and I like it very much, but I felt as if I was eating raw cookie dough with a lot of oatmeal in it. 

7 - Southern Pacific Plantains -  pretty much like banana chips but thinner, flavored with sea salt. if you like this kind of thing they are good. I like them, but no one else in my house does. All mine then.

This subscription box is an overall winner in our house and we will continue to get this box each month. Can't wait until next month now.

**Don't forget, if you choose to start getting Naturebox, use the code below and get $10 off your first box***

Coupon code to receive $10 off  your first box:  A9YL-GL2

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Revlon Colorstay nailpolish review

I have been a fan of Revlon Colorstay products, since I was in high school, about 20 yrs ago. I have always been pleased by its wear. But this time...I am a little disappointed.
Now I always use a top coat with all my polishes, and without fail, the tips all chip pretty fast, even with a top coat.  (I type a lot for work and hand wash dishes about 2 times a day)  So I thought, maybe with a "color-stay" nail polish, the color would last at least a few days without a top coat?  NOPE.

This nail polish still chipped. Like i said, I did not use a top coat, because I thought that maybe the fact it was color-stay would prevent having to use one. So, on the color-stay part, I don't see anything special about this product.

But I WILL say that it did apply nicely.  I could have gotten away with just one coat if I wanted. So that is a plus that I look for in my polishes. Therefore, I definitely would repurchase this.
Not a complete fail, but a little disappointed.

40 min. morning routine -- with 3 kids

When we hear the words "school day" most parents think of the crazy hectic-ness of it. Especially if you have more then 1 child going to school.
I know that the school year is almost over now, but I wasn't doing this blog back then. And I wanted to share with you all how our mornings seem to go. Not crazy at all for having 3 GIRLS!!

Up until about a month ago, I used to wake my husband to help me with drop offs. But lately I have realized that the twins are pretty self sufficient and don't need someone standing over them anymore. So now, I let him sleep, while us girls get our day started without any BOY interruptions.  ;)

I am bad, I have trouble getting up so I typically snooze for close to an hour. About 7:05-7:15 I get up. I go start the process of waking up Madison (the 10yr old). She is not easy to get up in the mornings. Most kids will turn over and stretch and whine, she doesn't move and yells at me to "get out".  (it doesn't matter how much sleep she has had -- trust me)

I then proceed to the twins room and get them moving. I will typically pick an outfit out for Isabel, because she is not too picky and she is my slow poke, so she needs minimal morning responsibilities. While I am doing that, Ava will get up and pick out her clothes, because she is a bit of a diva about clothes.

Once the twins are alert, I proceed back to Madison's room and start MAKING her get up and sometimes literally having to guide her into the bathroom, where she proceeds to slam the door.

Back to the twins room to make sure they are moving, and get my clothes together.

Once Madison is done in the bathroom, I go in and do my morning things, and the twins come trickling in to do theirs.

Now usually as me and the twins are headed downstairs, I see Madison sitting on her bed, still in PJs, and zoned out. I alert her to the time and let her be.  At this point, I don't push her anymore. I have decided, she just might need to be late just once, to get the point that she needs to get moving. So I just alert her of the time about every 5-10 minutes. (however, she has yet to be late)

While downstairs, the twins brush their hair and get their shoes on. While they are doing this, I am making a cup of coffee and signing/going through their folders, and organizing all that fun school stuff.

If their dad is still home but just sleeping, at this point I will allow the twins to watch TV while I run Madison to school. (the school is 3 blocks away & i drive her there, so I am gone maybe 5 mins). If their dad is not home, we all get in the car and drop Madison off.

Once Madison is at school, I come back home, help the twins with any last minute things they need to gather, get my coffee, and we are out the door to their school (which is about a mile away).

I know you must be thinking that there is something missing in our routine?? Yes there is!! We are not morning eaters in this house, so we typically don't eat breakfast. We snack a lot after dinner, so we don't wake up starving. If someone is hungry, they grab a cereal bar and juice real fast. And as for lunches...all 3 girls do take a packed lunch, but I make those all the night before. And even with that, I made them pick out what snacks they need, then I just make the sandwiches real fast.

We wake at 7:10 and are out the door at 7:50.

If we dilly dally anymore in the morning, we would all be back in bed, so our mornings are pretty get up, get ready and GO!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Orange banana Smoothie

I have this new found love of smoothies. I like them to get burst of my fruits and veggies and vitamins.  I don't make them allll the time, but part of my grocery shopping now includes some type of fresh or frozen fruits, just in case I decide I want to make one.
Today, I was tired, and was bad...I ate a couple donuts...but in my defense, if your hubby surprises you with Krispy Kreme, you eat it. So I decided I wanted something light, that might give me a little energy (instead of making coffee cup #4).

1/2 banana
1 peeled orange
ice cubes (use as many as you want)
1 Tsp sugar (don't judge, I hate bland tastes)

Now these recipes are not exact. I basically just throw stuff together. And this one was pretty good, so I thought I'd share how easy it can be to just throw together a quick healthy snack. Enjoy!

How is bullying different from 25 yrs ago?

I know this post is going to be controversial to some people who mis-read it, but I need to state this and ask the is bullying that much different from when we were kids??

I am very thankful that from what I know, my kids are not being my knowledge. However, I also think that they are just oblivious to that type of thing because they don't really know what bullying is yet.
But my question is....what is so different about it, that makes kids these days want to take the extremes that they do? I know its a serious thing, and I know how it came make a kid feel, heck I went through it too. I am wondering, am I missing something? Am I just not to that point yet with my children, so I don't know?

In elementary school in FL, I went to a school that had maybe 20 white kids in the entire school. I didn't mind. However, there was a lot of fighting amongst the students. I remember there was this one girl who kept waning to "beat me up". I have no idea why. But I was on the bus schedule and she wasn't, so she never really got a chance to try. I was scared, I may have cried a little in bed, but I knew each day that I had to march right back to school and just deal with it. That is what teachers and principals were for, right?

I middle school, I was picked on for being geeky & nerdy and just really easy to make fun of.  I had gum put in my hair, was pointed and laughed at, talked about, made fun of...and some of this was from my own friends. God forbid if I said the wrong thing in the wrong way, and someone took it totally wrong. (which i still have issues with but that's what "talking it out" is for) But I also knew that it was part of that part of my life. Girls are mean.....point blank.

All in all, I knew that it was all just a part of life, that I would get through. High school doesn't lasts forever. School is such a small part of the big picture of life.  Yes it sucks at the time, but it will pass.

I guess I just don't understand how today's' technology makes things so much worse, then it was for us back when. With today's technology you can delete people from your FB or block them. You can change your phone number, screen name, or cancel your account all together. So I guess i just don't get it.

It is sad and I feel really bad for kids that go through it, but i wonder, how things are so different, that kids are getting to THIS point? Or is it just that we now have something else to blame emotional issues on, and just that with today's technology, we just know about it more then we did in the 80s/90s?

I'm not justifying it by any means, just trying to understand how its progressed through the years.

I guess I should just be glad that the facts and stories ARE out there, so we as parents can be aware and keep involved in our children's lives a little more, to help them through these times and help them realize that although it sucks big WILL pass. And be sure to teach our children to that's its not fair to see black and white...but to give people a chance, and not judge them without knowing a thing about them.

Monday, May 19, 2014

CVS haul - 5/19/14

Hey, its me!!
Below is a couponing haul I did tonight. No, not a lot of items, but a few that we did need, and a couple that I wanted, which also helped me get the needed stuff cheaper.
I am going to TRY to do this in the beginning of each week, so if there are deals that apply to your household, you can kinda get an idea of a way to work the deals for yourself.

When I started out this trip I already had $4 ECBs from my last purchase last week and I had a $4 off $20 coupon that was emailed to me, and printed some coupons from & from the coupon machine at the store.
I did this in 2 transactions.

Transaction #1 :
(2) Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks --  $3.19 ea. == $6.38
(1) Revlon Colorstay nail polish -- on sale for $3.99
Sub total = $10.37
subtract ---$2 off $10 Revlon CVS cpn from the coupon machine
subtract -- $2 off Revlon eye product manufacturer cpn
subtract -- $1 off revlon nail color manufacturer cpn

(4) Dawn dish soap -- on sale for $.99 ea.
(1) CVS adult allergy, 20 ct -- $12.98
(1) CVS children liquid allergy -- $7.99
Sub total = $24.93
All CVS allergy meds were Buy One Get One 1/2 off, which made the adult one $6.49
subtract -- $4 off  $20 CVS cpn that was emailed to me

subtract -- $4 ECBs from the first transaction
subtract -- $4 ECBs from my last trip
subtract -- $.25 off one Dawn cpn
subtract -- $.25 off one Dawn cpn
subtract -- $.50 off one Dawn cpn
subtract -- $.50 off one Dawn cpn

Total I would have paid with no sales or coupons =  $43.30

Whole Foods Market tips on saving

Hey  all!

I came across this video and felt that it had some awesome tips in it, for shopping at Whole Foods. As most of you int my next of the woods might know, we are about to get one locally soon. So this video might be worth a look!!! 

Friday, May 16, 2014

These are a few of my favorotie....quotes

May IPSY review

Hey all! So the theme for May's Ipsy bag was "Fresh Picks". The bag was a nice fabric bag this month with a natural theme design on it. Inside of my bag there was *Derma-e Microdermabrasion Scrub   *HangTen sunscreen SPF50   *Pur-lisse hydra balanced moisturizer for normal to dry skin, anti-aging formula   *Hey Honey exfoliating peel off mask   *Pacifica eyeshadow duo in natural beauty

I tried this scrub last night and I really liked it. I prefer it to the Dr. Brandt scrub I got in the April bag. It was a little courser, which I need, for it to actually do its job. My skin felt very smooth after.

After the scrub, I used this moisturizer. Now I don't typically dont' use moisturizer because it makes me break out a little. I don't feel that it made me break out, but the next morning, it still felt fresh on my skin. I like lotions that disappear on my skin and this one didn't seem to. I mean, it wasn't greasy, but since I don't use lotions on my face, just the feeling of anything on my face was bothering me.

I have not used this yet, but I did do a test on my hand. The smell is very nice & fresh, not sweet at all. it seemed to work just like any other mask I have tried. I don't think it will be any extra exfoliating, then others, but if I am blown away by it, I will do another review on it.
I have not used this yet either. I do like that its a smaller size, so I can put it in my purse, to lather the kids up a little, when I forget the big can of sunscreen - like a back up. It does have a nice beachy type scent to it. It disappears into the skin quite well too.

Nothing too much to brag about this one. I think mostly because the colors are more neutral, which I don't tend to lean towards often.  the lighter pinky color is nice to use as an all over base or highlight under the brow. The gold shimmer I might end up using a a crease color.  I didn't find anything overly impressive about this, but I am sure I will use it.

All in all, I liked this months bag. All of the facial type products are ones that I will definitely be using. Can't wait until next month!!!

Friday Funnies - 5/16/14

Madison is telling me how at her field day this year, they can pay $1 to dunk ANY teacher they want. She explained how there is this one teacher she wants to dunk because "she's nice and all, but she's really pretty so I want to see her get all wet.".   (she's a sweet kid, i swear)
Apparently Madison was being a butt, in the car, so Ava yells out "Madison is gonna karma!!"
In discussion with her father, Ava was asked "What is A.D.D?", in which she promptly answers "add"

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Shoprite Weekly Highlights, Ad week 5/18-5/24

Hey all!

I got the ad for next weeks sales at Shoprite. Thought I would just list some of the highlights from it that caught my eye, for you. So if you don't get the circular in the mail, and find any of these deals appealing to you, be sure to grab a circular while you are at the store.

Ad week 5/18 to 5/24:

B&G relish - $.99
Banana Boat sunscreen - 1/2 off
Ben & Jerry's pints - $1.99
Borden singles - $1.47
Bush's baked beans - $1.34
Coke 2 liter - 5/$5 (must buy 5)
Colonna bread crumbs - $1.00
Danimals - 2/$4.00
Dole salad blends and kits - $1.64
Domino sugar (4 lbs) - $1.99
French's brown mustard - $.99
FreshExpress cole slaw - 2/$4.00 
Gulden's mustard - $1.00
Hatfield Meat Franks - $1.00
Heluva Good dips - 2/$4.00
Hunts BBQ sauce - $1.00
Hunts ketchup - $1.00
International Delight coffee creamers - $1.49
Keebler cookies - $1.99
Kraft BBQ sauce - $.99
lawry's marinades - $.99
Lindey's Italian ice (6pk) - $.99
Poppy's pierogies - $.99
Purex laundry detergent and fabric sheets - $1.47
Shoprite frozen pancakes - $1.99
Shoprite frozen waffles - $1.99
Shoprite nail polish remover - $.99
Shoprtie frozen veggies - 4/$5.00
Skippy peanut butter - $1.99
Sweet Corn - $.19 ea.  (on sale through 5/26)
Texas Pete hot sauce - 3/$2.00
Vlasic pickles - 4/$5.00
WetOnes wipes (container) - $1.34
Yoplait fridgepack - $3.99

Super Coupons in the ad:

18 pk, Shoprite eggs - $1.99
Alaska cob steak - $4.98/lb
Baby Carrots (1lb bag) - 2/$1.98
Bubba Original beef Burgers - $5.98
Chicken thighs/drumsticks - $.98/lb
Fresh large shrimp - $7.98/lb.
Fresh salmon fillets - $7.98/lb
Herr's potato chips - 3/$4.98 (must buy 3)
Jumbo EZ peel shrimp - $9.9/8/lb
Jumbo snow crab legs - $5.88/lb
Live litteneck clams - $14.98 (50 ct)
London Broil - $1.99/lb
Margaritaville Coconut Shrimp - 2/$9.98
Seedless watermelon - $3.99/ea.
Shoprite American Cheese (from the deli) - $3.98/lb
Shoprite butter - 2/$4.98 (must buy 2)
Strawberry shortcake  (from bakery section) - $3.98
Tastykake Family pack - $1.98
Tomatoes on the Vine - $1.49/lb.
Trident Salmon burgers (11.2 oz box) - $3.98
Tuna steak - $8.88/lb

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mom's Summer Essentials

As the summer months approach, some of us moms are getting ready to stock up, on those items that we must have on hand.  I, myself, and getting ready to do some research for a mini-summer shopping haul and deal breakdown. In the light of the warmer days now, I thought I would provide a list of my top Summer Essentials, for the moms.

1 - Sunscreen - this is a no brainier. And I need to get some quickly because I have already burned myself (DUH). I prefer to spray on kind, as the application is easier, so I tend to remember to apply it more often, and there is no need to make sure you can wash your hands after.

2 - Bug spray - to keep from itching all night long with new bites. My kids and I are so prone to mosquito bites, we are covered in this stuff all summer long. Even on nights we just sit out front on our steps, we have a can of bug spray next to us.

3 - Anti - itch creme - this goes along with the bug spray. once we do get bit, sometimes there are just those bites that wont stop itching. And when you are trying to go to sleep at night, you don't want to be itching all night long.

4 - Band-aids - I know, I know...we should have these on hand all the time. And typically we do. But in the summer time, we need to make sure we always have "enough" on hand. More skin is exposed, kids are playing outside even more, which all leads to MORE scrapes and boo-boos.

5 - Tote bag - this is a new essential I am introducing this year.  I found myself stuck at people houses, needing bathing suits fro the kids, and having nothing. So this year, I plan to be prepared. I want to keep a tote in the car at all times with clean bathing suits, towels, extra pair of flip flops and a spare can of sun sunscreen in it, at all times. That way, we are always prepared to have some fun in the sun!

Along with this, I will be doing some price comparing and a haul, for some of these items, and will be posting that soon. Until next time........later!

It's the Bumble Bee costume!!!

Well Madison got her 2014 dance recital costume tonight!  She has been so excited to get it, just as she was last year too. 
We got a sneak peak of this costumer about a month ago. Which is when I realized its the same costumer, that the daughter, of my friend in NC, wore about 2 years prior. Strange how things come full circle. 
This time of year is very exciting for us with dance and all. We get costumes, we have dance school picture day, and recital tickets to buy and prep for that day. 
It's only our 2nd year doing dance, but I am so glad we are able to allow the girls to do this. It kills me to think that the day may come, where I have to tell them they can longer go to dance. Hoping that day never arrives. (side note: Madison is 2nd year of dance, Isabel is in acro class at the dance school, next year all 3 of them want to do some type of class)
I never did extracurricular activities as a child, and dance is one I wanted to do. It was for a couple reasons. 1)  I was just too shy. I never wanted to be in that atmosphere, by myself. 2)  I had a hereditary foot disease, that caused blisters all over my feet, very easily. So, I was limping and walking with my feet leaning to the side a lot. not ideal for having to dance for hours in special shoes.
So I think I am kinda of living through my kids. And its fun!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Coupon websites

Hey all!

Just wanted to pop in here for a few, and give you all some couponing basic websites, to help you get started.

1 - YouTube - 
As some of you might now, I self taught my self how to coupon, from watching YouTube videos. There are people on here who show their weekly grocery hauls and break it down for  you by what coupons they used on top of what sales. You can also find videos that are more like a seminar type video, that teaches the logistics.

2 - CouponDivas -
This is a site that has multiple purposes.
*It helps with match-ups. It will update its site each week, with a list of stores, that range all over the country, and will tell you what is on sale, what coupons matches it, will give you the link to the printable coupon, and tell you how much you will end up paying.

*It lists retail coupons you can use that are out there, for stores like Michale's, Bath & Body Works, Ulta, JCPenney, Payless, etc.

* They also provide you with printable coupons for restaurants and help you find out where and when kids can eat for FREE.

There are many other information pages this site has. You just have to explore it. But this one of my main go to sites when I am looking up deals.

I'm not sure why I listed this page last because it IS the most important one for couponing. This is the database where you can go and print out hundreds of coupons. They refresh their database on the 1st of each month. This site does allow you to print a coupon 2 times, before its no longer available to you. Best of all, its free to use!!!

Now there are a  lot other sites out there, however, if you just explore these 3, you will be led to the others also. I just wanted to share my main 3 holy grail couponing sites for you all. Have fun!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Homemade from the store - Pasta salad & cupcakes

Hey all!!

As Mother's Day approaches, a lot of us out there are cooking today. And I am no exception to that either. We are all gathering at my mothers house tomorrow for the afternoon. I have decided to take some pasta salad and some cupcakes for dessert.
When it comes to making things from scratch, I am no good at it. But I can read directions like nobodys business. So when I chose my recipes, I also chose ways of working around buying it at the store, and making it my own.

First, the Pasta salad. Most of you may pick a pasta, then get some dressing and spices and chop up veggies and things. No thanks!!! I bought a couple boxes of Suddenly Salad by Betty Crocker, for about $1.00.   This comes with the pasta & a seasoning packet. The instructions tell you to mix the seasoning with oil. Now I don't mind, at all, the way this taste. But I like to try to put my own spin on things.
1 - cook the pasta from the box and run under cold water when done cooking.
2 - Add Italian salad dressing, to taste.
3 - Sprinkle in some of the seasoning packet from the box, to taste.
4 - Optional, but I like to chop up some cheese and pepperoni and toss that in too. (pepperoni is not in the pic below, but it was added last minute)

 Next, is Cherry Chocolate cupcakes. I saw this combination on Pintrest, but the batter recipe was made from scratch and I cannot bake from scratch. Instead, I bought a box of chocolate cake mix, regular vanilla icing, and some cherry extract.
1 - Mix the cake batter per the box directions.
2 - add about a tablespoon of the cherry extract to the batter and mix.
3 - Bake per box directions.
1 - Add a bit of red food coloring to the icing.
2 - Add a bit of cherry extract to the icing, to taste and mix.

Yummmmm!!!! Happy Mother's Day!!!!