Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Life update, Spring 2016

Hey all!!

I knowwwwww, I'm sorrrryyyyyy.  Stupid me had to go and get a job. Ha Ha

So yeah, I work in an office again. I do have freedom to work from home as needed, or part time eventually, so that will work out great.

However, in the meantime, with the timing of everything, me and my husband (who if you follow know has MS), do not have insurance until 2017. If it were just me, I wouldn't care, but its him too.
Basically, in January I applied for me and the girls to get state medicaid. My husband had coverage through work still. Then he was dropped in February. So, at this point, I call the state to get him added to the application as well, which extended the process out again.
A few weeks later, I got a job. However, after starting I find out they only really cover ME for insurance, and to add him it would be an outrageous amount of money that would make us go for broke.  So I called the Marketpace to see how that all works. They gave me a quote and suggested that I try to see if the state will cover us, and if not, then to call them back. Great!!

April 1st, the state calls to tell me that the kids were accepted and will be covered, but me and my husband don't. We'll have to try the marketplace. Soooo.....I call the marketplace a few days later....well since Brian lost his coverage as of Feb. 1st, and  its now 64 days later (limit is 60 days), we cant get coverage.

Call the state back....they say that even with my unemployment info, we made too much money and now I have a job so we most likely will NOT be accepted still. They did tell us that the letter they sent telling us we were not accepted, was dated 3/31/16, so maybe we can try to fight it.

So that is what is on my plate for today. And...I need to get dental insurance for us both too in the meantime as well. WTF.....and to top it all off, we have to pay fines at tax time for this shit...even though its the government who wont allow us to sign up for anything.
Pick one...either I have insurance and cant pay my bills, or I have no insurance, and keep a roof over my head. Hmmmmm.....?????

Anyway, crafting is back in session. only about 1 craft per week. And not a lot of ready to sell items, as I am stock piling too much, because no one wants to buy from me, boooo.

But here are a few items i made for my girls, and already have a ready to sell one, with a fish theme, in progress. I will continue to post as there are more items.

Until next time....