Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mom's Summer Essentials

As the summer months approach, some of us moms are getting ready to stock up, on those items that we must have on hand.  I, myself, and getting ready to do some research for a mini-summer shopping haul and deal breakdown. In the light of the warmer days now, I thought I would provide a list of my top Summer Essentials, for the moms.

1 - Sunscreen - this is a no brainier. And I need to get some quickly because I have already burned myself (DUH). I prefer to spray on kind, as the application is easier, so I tend to remember to apply it more often, and there is no need to make sure you can wash your hands after.

2 - Bug spray - to keep from itching all night long with new bites. My kids and I are so prone to mosquito bites, we are covered in this stuff all summer long. Even on nights we just sit out front on our steps, we have a can of bug spray next to us.

3 - Anti - itch creme - this goes along with the bug spray. once we do get bit, sometimes there are just those bites that wont stop itching. And when you are trying to go to sleep at night, you don't want to be itching all night long.

4 - Band-aids - I know, I know...we should have these on hand all the time. And typically we do. But in the summer time, we need to make sure we always have "enough" on hand. More skin is exposed, kids are playing outside even more, which all leads to MORE scrapes and boo-boos.

5 - Tote bag - this is a new essential I am introducing this year.  I found myself stuck at people houses, needing bathing suits fro the kids, and having nothing. So this year, I plan to be prepared. I want to keep a tote in the car at all times with clean bathing suits, towels, extra pair of flip flops and a spare can of sun sunscreen in it, at all times. That way, we are always prepared to have some fun in the sun!

Along with this, I will be doing some price comparing and a haul, for some of these items, and will be posting that soon. Until next time........later!