Monday, May 12, 2014

Coupon websites

Hey all!

Just wanted to pop in here for a few, and give you all some couponing basic websites, to help you get started.

1 - YouTube - 
As some of you might now, I self taught my self how to coupon, from watching YouTube videos. There are people on here who show their weekly grocery hauls and break it down for  you by what coupons they used on top of what sales. You can also find videos that are more like a seminar type video, that teaches the logistics.

2 - CouponDivas -
This is a site that has multiple purposes.
*It helps with match-ups. It will update its site each week, with a list of stores, that range all over the country, and will tell you what is on sale, what coupons matches it, will give you the link to the printable coupon, and tell you how much you will end up paying.

*It lists retail coupons you can use that are out there, for stores like Michale's, Bath & Body Works, Ulta, JCPenney, Payless, etc.

* They also provide you with printable coupons for restaurants and help you find out where and when kids can eat for FREE.

There are many other information pages this site has. You just have to explore it. But this one of my main go to sites when I am looking up deals.

I'm not sure why I listed this page last because it IS the most important one for couponing. This is the database where you can go and print out hundreds of coupons. They refresh their database on the 1st of each month. This site does allow you to print a coupon 2 times, before its no longer available to you. Best of all, its free to use!!!

Now there are a  lot other sites out there, however, if you just explore these 3, you will be led to the others also. I just wanted to share my main 3 holy grail couponing sites for you all. Have fun!!!