Wednesday, May 21, 2014

40 min. morning routine -- with 3 kids

When we hear the words "school day" most parents think of the crazy hectic-ness of it. Especially if you have more then 1 child going to school.
I know that the school year is almost over now, but I wasn't doing this blog back then. And I wanted to share with you all how our mornings seem to go. Not crazy at all for having 3 GIRLS!!

Up until about a month ago, I used to wake my husband to help me with drop offs. But lately I have realized that the twins are pretty self sufficient and don't need someone standing over them anymore. So now, I let him sleep, while us girls get our day started without any BOY interruptions.  ;)

I am bad, I have trouble getting up so I typically snooze for close to an hour. About 7:05-7:15 I get up. I go start the process of waking up Madison (the 10yr old). She is not easy to get up in the mornings. Most kids will turn over and stretch and whine, she doesn't move and yells at me to "get out".  (it doesn't matter how much sleep she has had -- trust me)

I then proceed to the twins room and get them moving. I will typically pick an outfit out for Isabel, because she is not too picky and she is my slow poke, so she needs minimal morning responsibilities. While I am doing that, Ava will get up and pick out her clothes, because she is a bit of a diva about clothes.

Once the twins are alert, I proceed back to Madison's room and start MAKING her get up and sometimes literally having to guide her into the bathroom, where she proceeds to slam the door.

Back to the twins room to make sure they are moving, and get my clothes together.

Once Madison is done in the bathroom, I go in and do my morning things, and the twins come trickling in to do theirs.

Now usually as me and the twins are headed downstairs, I see Madison sitting on her bed, still in PJs, and zoned out. I alert her to the time and let her be.  At this point, I don't push her anymore. I have decided, she just might need to be late just once, to get the point that she needs to get moving. So I just alert her of the time about every 5-10 minutes. (however, she has yet to be late)

While downstairs, the twins brush their hair and get their shoes on. While they are doing this, I am making a cup of coffee and signing/going through their folders, and organizing all that fun school stuff.

If their dad is still home but just sleeping, at this point I will allow the twins to watch TV while I run Madison to school. (the school is 3 blocks away & i drive her there, so I am gone maybe 5 mins). If their dad is not home, we all get in the car and drop Madison off.

Once Madison is at school, I come back home, help the twins with any last minute things they need to gather, get my coffee, and we are out the door to their school (which is about a mile away).

I know you must be thinking that there is something missing in our routine?? Yes there is!! We are not morning eaters in this house, so we typically don't eat breakfast. We snack a lot after dinner, so we don't wake up starving. If someone is hungry, they grab a cereal bar and juice real fast. And as for lunches...all 3 girls do take a packed lunch, but I make those all the night before. And even with that, I made them pick out what snacks they need, then I just make the sandwiches real fast.

We wake at 7:10 and are out the door at 7:50.

If we dilly dally anymore in the morning, we would all be back in bed, so our mornings are pretty get up, get ready and GO!