Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fall haul - Dollar Tree, Christmas Tree Shop, TJMax

Hey all!

I'm back!!! Its my most favorite time of the year, and I will have plenty to talk about. I will also have more time to post more, as I have been laid off from another job, but I will write more about that later.
Lets get to it -- FALL!!!!!

One day, a couple weeks ago, I decided to pop into The Christmas tree shop, just to see IF they had fall stuff out and they did!!

So we grabbed a few things. I didn't go crazy. And they weren't bad deals. first off is this large shallow bowl that can be used for pasta, fruit on the table or a centerpiece. It is plastic, but it was too pretty to bot buy.  $1.49
 Next I saw these gel cling stickers. I am not sure where to put them, but they were only $1.00.

 As we passed by these, I couldn't resist, for the Thanksgiving portion of the Fall. They were real towels and not that microfiber stuff that doesn't really absorb. And they were only $1.00 each. I HAD to.
 Now we only stopped at Christmas tree shop because it was on my way to the craft store. And of course, while I was in line, these were looking me in my face. $1.00
 Of course you can't go through Fall without treating yourself to a little Bath & Body Works. No big deals there, except for that soaps were $3, and I had a $10 off $30 coupon. NEVER go to BBW without a coupon. Coupons are Free!!!
 While on a Dollar Tree trip I grabbed these small glittery pumpkins, although I wasn't sure what I would do with them. Then, 10 minutes later, while at TJMax, I saw this gold stick pumpkin, and got this picture in my head. Stick pumpkin was $5.99, which is more then I would want to spend but I really was drawn to it for some some reason. Just like the set of 2 white ceramic pumpkin lights, I placed under the cake stand. I have been obsessed with white pumpkins this season. Again, more then I would have wanted to spend at $7.99 for the set of 3, but I treated myself.

 Another TJMax impulse buy..this...woodland creature. She was only $3.99, not too bad. But it has caused a Facebook war.....WHAT ANIMAL IS THIS???? I saw its a fox, but others say cat. Cats are not my thing, so if I felt it was a cat, I would not have bought it. What do YOU think. Comment below.
 I had these candle lanterns already, but didn't want to buy candles to put in them, for me to just not burn the candles. So I ran to Dollar Tree (yes, we have one IN town that I frequent) , and grabbed a $1.00 leaf garland, and here is the result. Those candles are LED and look pretty at night.
 Last but not least....my Walmart smelly stuff haul. This photo is pretty self explanatory. I again, could NOT resist. Fall here is for my house!! And these wax melts are so reasonable compared to other brands...$2.00 a pack. The candles, small jar is $1.00, that small/medium one on the right was $2.00 and although not pictured, they have 3 wick candles that vary from $3.33 to $4.99 and smell soooo wonderful.

I hope this helped inspire you Fall decor, or you bargain shopping for fall, or all of the above.
Be back soon with some more Fall Lovin Bloggin!!