Friday, September 25, 2015

Weight Loss (and life) check in 9.25.15

Hey all!!

I know I said I would do a weekly weight in, but I need to be honest with myself. There is not much to report. And life has been busy. i just haven't been able to wrap my head around exactly what I wanted to write about.  So let me just do some quick updates here on LIFE:

-Fibro diagnosis still underway, appointment with rheumatologist is first week in October. But have been feeling pretty good for the last week. (although they say it can come and go)

-Dental appointments like crazy are about to happen. I've been neglecting my mouth, due to money issues. I was finally approved for the care credit card, and now I can start getting stuff done.

- My oldest daughters BD party is beginning of October as well. We are doing a blue and black Paris theme, so there will be a blog post about that as well.

-I need to start working on some Christmas stuff to put on the Etsy shop and FB page, because my sister is doing a craft show beginning of December that I would like to get in on. And...I have a few custom orders that will be in the works as well. 
Facebook page for 3LadybugCrafts
Etsy shop for 3LadybugCrafts

OK, now as for the weight loss. I am down to 6 lbs lost. Woo Hoo!!  That is since Sept. 9th, a little over 2 weeks. I feel like I did hit a plateau in the middle, but the overall numbers are pretty good, so I am not letting it discourage me.

I still am not doing a special diet. Money had been tight, and I do have picky eaters for kids. I have still been keeping my portions low, which is due to the Phentermine.

I am able to keep my late night snacking.....not as bad as it used to be. I still end up having a snack around 8 or 9pm, but instead of chips and then fruit snacks and something else, its more like an applesauce and that's it.

I did have to increase my coffee again. I am not back to what I was drinking, but there are days where I am just getting NO energy from the Phentermine, and I NEED coffee.  I was just getting WAY too to the point, I was so chill I looked like I was on something. And for those who know me..that is soooo not me.

I did try to take a full pill, for about 3 days, but it didn't seem to be working any better then the half pill. So I went back to the half pill (partly to help the script last longer). And if for any reason, I get really tired before 2-3pm, I will take the other half, although I haven't had to do that yet. I am finding the trick is to keep moving and keep busy. But since I work 40 hrs a week at a computer, its a little challenging for me.

There is another side effect that I have been experiencing too, constipation. However, I find that only seemed to happen when I was taking the full pill. But what I did was take 1 day, without any Phentermine, and just let my body system do its thing. That is usually when I would see the change in my weight. (TMI) Almost like taking a break to clean out my body? I don't know. But it works.

Overall, I am pleased. It's not going as fast as I thought it would, but I know that is due to my diet. So once I can change that as well, and start moving more, I think it will continue to work for me. I'm excited to see how far I can go.

Start weight 9/8/15:  223
Today 9/25/15:          217

For me, the 10 lb markers are my short term goals. Like Once I hit 200, I was comfortable until I hit 210 and so on and so forth. Same with losing. I felt like I wasn't losing, and it was pointless, but I made it under 200 and haven't gone back, so that is what keeps me motivated. Next marker I am looking to get under is 215. A little at a time is all you can do sometimes.

Until next time!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pain diagnosis journey

Hey all!

The last time I popped in and talked about my pain issues, things were manageable. My family doctor did pre-diagnose me with Fibromyalgia, and I have set up an appointment with a Rheumatologist to continue that testing, for a firm diagnosis.

However, in the meantime, things have taken a different turn.  My pain issues seem to b e spreading to other areas I did not have issues with before. And its becoming non-manageable with ibuprofen.

When I first started being concerned with this, about 4-5 yrs ago, it was because I would get muscles aches, or pulled muscles, in my shoulder blade area, that sometimes would be up to my neck, and the pain would be horrible for a couple days, and I wouldn't be able to move my neck much. (And now that I think about it, that has been going on longer then 5 yrs).  But it was always just a thing where I would take ibuprofen to make it tolerable and go on with my day, and it would work itself out in a few days.  (I had xrays done, that found nothing and was told that this was most likely to having a desk job and being hunched over all day. I should try sitting straighter)

I also started having aches in my legs and feet that would keep me up at night. Again...I would just massage it and it would go away. I actually thought this had something to do with taking ibuprohpen before bed. (I was told nothing about this, as it didn't happen a lot & went away with massage)

I also, was experiencing numbness is part of my left hand. The docs took an EKG right away in fear I may have heart  issues. All was fine. And that symptom, actually went away for the most part. 

But then over the last 6 months to a year, these 2 things started happening more and more. Over the last year, its gotten to the point where I know if I lift or carry heavy bags from shopping, I will pull that shoulder muscle. So I started shopping from home to avoid all the lifting.

And the aching in the foot and legs at night, began to be more often, and not related to taking ibuprofen at all.

Same things keep happening, and now its too often. I have a husband with MS so I have to do a lot he can't anymore...I needed to get this looked into.
That is when my doc saw the tests and complaints from 4 yrs ago and realized something WAS up. (My doc also deals with my mother, so when I told him I was concerned that I might be turning into her, he knew I was serious).

So now, 3 weeks later as I wait for my rhuematolosuist appouintment, more things are happening. I get aches in the middle of my back, to the point where if I laugh or take a quick breath, I get a shock real fast & it takes my breath away fro a second. That lasted a few days and is now gone.

NOW, when I walk any amount of real time (like shopping or to a park) I would get a muscle ache in the crease of my leg around my groin, along with aches in my thighs. This makes it a little hard for me to lift my leg without thinking about it. It started  last week, and was tolerable. However, in the last 2 days, the aches have spread to multiple points in my left leg - groin muscle, thigh, shin, and knee. Up until now, all aches were in my right side of my body.

Last night, I laid down to try to sleep, and all the point on my leg were just throbbing. I took meds but they didn't do much at all.  I keep trying to tell myself its normal for my weight, and there is nothing wrong, but I couldn't help but to let the tears seep out as I lay there, trying to get the throbbing to somehow lull me to sleep. It finally did. Once I was relaxed enough, I fell asleep, and woke with only slight pain in one spot.
But now as I sit here, after dropping all the girls off at school, and throwing in some laundry, my leg is aching again in all of those spots.

I can't walk well, due to the pain near my groin, but when I do, all the other pains go away. No win situation. I can either walk with a limp becuase of 1 ache, or sit with 3-4 aches at once happening.

Hoping to find out what is really going on, and have it be an easy type of fix.  We don't need another crippling disease in this house, please.

 ***The red spots below are where all the aches are, for today. I am having a slight ache below my right shoulder, on my chest.

Week #1 check in - weight loss

Hey all!

So today we are entering into Week #2 of being on the Phentermine, from the doctor, so I thought it was time for a check up about last week.

So far, I am down 3 lbs. That is a significant loss for ME, in the matter of a week. However, although it was only a week, I feel like I plateaued already, within that week.

I was a little nervous about the jitters and racing heart beat, since you have to see a doctor monthly while taking this. Therefore, I have only been taking half a pill each day (37.5 cut in half to 18.75mg). The first 3 days, I would feel the surge of energy come over me, without the jitters. So due to that, I decided to cut back my coffee intake to just one mug on the morning, then half of one in the afternoon if I felt like I needed it. That cut back alone, I think is what made me lose the 3lbs.

Also, I didn't have much of an appetite either. When I would eat, it was stricly because I needed to, and not because I wanted to. Nothing tasted "yummy", so I wasn't prone to large portions. Nothing tasted bad either, which didn't help me in figuring out WHAT I wanted to eat.

The last few days have been a little harder. I am starting to get back the urge to snack again. And we are low on funds, so my choices of snacks haven't' been the best.

Also, I was finding that come mid-day I was soooo exhausted, that I didn't want to go out. Now I don't exercise a lot, due to errands, and chores, and what have you, so I count on my shopping trips to get in the walking. And i was just sooo tired, I couldn't get the energy to want to go anywhere.

Now here is my pickle.....if you followed my last blog, you will see that I am in the beginning stages of possibly being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. So I have been doing some reading up on it & one of the side effects is tiredness. i tired from that? IF I have it, I think Im in a flare-up right now. Could that be why I was tired?  or was it because I went from tons of coffee per day, to barely none? Have I been NEEDING to live off coffee for the past who knows how long because of Fibro? Or am I just lazy??  (will be doing another post about Fibro today as well, if interested)

SOOOO...due to the no energy and the stall in weight loss, I am going to start taking a full pill today. I am hoping this helps me stay away from having to drink more coffee to stay awake and going. I'm a mom of 3 girls, my husband has MS and can't help as much as he used to, and I am running to my parents house all the time to grab/drop off laundry or whatever for my disabled mother. I NEED TO KEEP MY ENERGY!!!

But all in all, its only a few pounds, I DO feel less bloated and like my clothes are starting to fit a smidge better. I am not AS self conscience about my stomach this week.

Here's to hoping next week is the same, with SOME kinda of loss, or even better!

Start weight:  223
Today's' weights:  220

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Chicken Stir Fry (simple)

Hey all!

Another recipe here. I made this last night, and posted a picture on my Facebook, and tons of people started asking for the recipe. Well it's pretty simple. So I thought, why not post a blog about it, so I can share with others and then when asked for the recipe, I will have it all ready to go.


*teriyaki sauce/marinade

*frozen steamable veggies

*rice (can also be in the steamable version)

1 - Cup up chicken into chunks & place in bowl with a coating of teriyaki sauce. Cover & refrigerate for a few house until you are ready to cook. (if you don't have time, you can skip putting it in the fridge)
2 - Place chicken and sauce in pan, and cook on medium. Stir and flip chicken often, to ensure all pieces are cooked at equal times, so you can make sure all of it is DONE at the same amount.
3 - While chicken is cooking, start cooking your veggies and rice in the microwave. (this will take about 5 minutes per bag, so we suggest to do this once chicken is about 80% done.
4 - When chicken is cooked thorough, turn down the heat a little, throw in your veggies, and "stir fy' them all together, to get that sauce incorporated through.
5 - Serve over rice, and enjoy!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My new weight loss journey - Day #1

Hey all!

Update on the health journey...

 As you may or may not have read a few weeks ago, I was pre-diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  I had some blood work done and went back for a follow up yesterday and my doc said that my inflammatory markers in my blood work were high, so he is sticking with his thoughts of Fibro. I need to go see a rheumatologist to continue on with the firm diagnosis process now.

Oddly enough, I have been feeling more tingles and aches since this all came about too. I am talking myself into the fact that its just in my head. How could I possible be feeling worse then before, with just a diagnosis? Who knows?!?!

However, during my appointment, I asked him if there was anything I could do with my weight. I'll be honest (an actually being honest is bringing my to tears right now as I type, but....)  I am 5'3 and weight in at 223 lbs. right now. Not something I am happy about AT ALL. I weight almost 50 lbs more now, then I did when I delivered my twins almost 9 yrs ago. I don't know what happened.

Compared to other people I see, I do not eat "a lot". My dinner plates are not filled to the brim (you can always see plate between my food piles). I don't like a lot of sweets anymore.  I don't feel like we eat anymore fast food than any other average American out there, and when we do, we typically don't get full meals, for cost saving reasons. We will typically eat a burger off the Dollar menu or get a 20 piece nugget meal, to share with my 3 kids.  But we have a weakness for candy and pizza. And we do snack a lot in this house, and we do it at hours of the day that are not all that great. Like 10pm, right before bed.

A few years ago, a new gym opened up close to my house and I joined. The first time I ever "wanted" to join a gym. And for about a year, I went faithfully 3-4 times a week. I loved it. I didn't feel like I had more energy like most people say happens, but I noticed each time I went, it was a little easier to push myself a little further. I saw a small small weight loss, not much at all. But I stuck with it. This was something I was doing for myself. But after a while, I noticed that I was waking in the morning, with aches in my legs. And I didn't want that to stop me, so I started taking Advil before the gym. And it clicked one day -- I am having to get rid of my pain just to go to the gym.That's not right....

Halloween 2013, I took the day off, and made plans to get stuff done. After I dropped the kids off at school, I hit the gym for about an hour an half. Was feeling great. After that,I went over to our grocery store which is next to the gym, and did a decent sized grocery trip. Brought it home, brought it all in by myself, unloaded it. Then we did trick or treating that night..about 2 miles of walking all over town. By the end of the night, my feet were killing me, my thighs were killing me, my back started to hurt. And I just chalked it up to doing TOO much that day and took a few days off. ...the aches were still there....took a few more days off. Then the cold weather came in and I just didn't feel like it anymore. I got out of my pattern.  Before I knew it, it was April and I was determined to get back to the gym again. I went 2 times.....and was in pain for a week after each time. Sadly I haven't been back. But I'm still paying for that gym membership in hopes that my pain will go away, or I will have more time.  I have gained 15 lbs since I stopped going. Ha...didn't lose much, but easily gained it back & then some.

December 2014,  bought myself an Ab roller. Yes, that old time thing for home workouts. I used to have one and loved it, so  I thought 'Why not'. Here we are almost a year later and I have used it maybe 5 times. Each time I do, I pull a muscle in my back/shoulder area. How?? Its designed to prevent that. Well..that's how my life goes. that my doc can see WHY I can't exercise as much. And he's been filled in on how my OBGYN told me that with my age and occupation and stresses of life, my metabolism seems to not be liking me anymore.......he gave me diet pills.

I know I know....a lot of people are against them. But, for someone who really can't exercise without putting herself in a pain tizzy for 2 weeks at a time, and needs help with her energy levels, I am willing to try. And as I told my doctor, I have taken OTC diet pills in the past and I am very cautious when it comes to the jittery, heart racing feelings...I don't like them. I will take one pill and throw out a whole bottle if that happens. So, I won't be one of those people who keeps taking it even if I feel like something is not right.  Because of this, he also gave me tablets that I can cut in half, if I find that a whole dose is a little too much for me. (I'm a light weight with drugs)

I have to go back to see him in another month for a check-up. And I have a blood pressure cuff at home, for my husband, that I can use as wel,l to monitor my blood pressure at home, in between appointments.

I have the pills sitting right next to me now. Today will be Day #1...and I weighted in this morning at 223.  I would love to lose 75% of what I have gained in the last 18 yrs since I met my hubby, but I know I won't. I am too old and have too much going on in life to be THAT diligent. HAHA  My realistic goal for now, is to ideally get to 175-ihs. If nothing else, at least back under 200...I became comfortable with being a bigger girl when I was around 190.

I will be doing periodical check in's now, as I notice changes or lulls in the process. So if you would like to follow my journey, follow me!! And please feel free to message me any tips you may have if you have tried doctor prescribed diet pills. Maybe we can go through this journey together!!

9/9/15 -- Day #1
Weight - 223 lbs
Dose -- half a pill

Friday, September 4, 2015

Curls for little girls

Hey all!

I know we've all seen the many way to get curls in your hair, but I wanted to share MY method. I have 3 girls, who always want their hair a different way. So we tried this the other night and it turned out pretty cute. And now here I am to share it with you!

First, make sure the hair is wet!

Next, section it into 4 sections. Twists each section until it started to fold down on itself. Guide it to wrap like a bun, and secure with a hair tie. 

Now send your girls to bed, for a nights sleep.

In the morning, pull the hair ties out, as best you can, without disturbing the twists too much.
Run your fingers through the twists with your fingers, just once, to separate it.

Once all 4 are done, your daughters hair will look like this. Style as you wish.  We like to just throw on a headband, or pin the sides back with barrettes, to minimize the amount of touching we do, to the curls.

Pumpkin Dessert Dip

Hey all!

I recently made this dessert dip, which is a fall favorite in our house. And I realize I never did a blog post on it. And I am always being asked for this recipe as well, so here it is.

This is a dip that can be served chilled, but its OK if its out for a bit while your guests enjoy it. 

*canned pumpkin (the smaller size can)
*1 box vanilla pudding
*1 container of whipped topping (not the stuff in the can, the stuff in the freezer section)
*any pie seasoning you want like cinnamon or nutmeg
*any cookie of your choice (we typically use Ginger Snaps, Nilla Wafers, or graham crackers)

1 - Blend together the vanilla pudding powder mix, and the whipped topping. 
2 - Add in the pumpkin, a little at a time, until you get the taste you want. I almost never use the entire can. 
3 - Sprinkle with a bit of cinnamon

Now take any cookie you like, dip and enjoy!!!