Thursday, August 27, 2015

This week's thoughts - relationships, dianosis, and cheaters

I have learned that I might have fibromyalsia. I am not sure if I think that is really what is going on with me. I feel it might have something to do with my weight. But if we need to rule our Fibro first, lets do it. My blood pressure is no long perfect like it used to be, so I am not in a rush to see if doc can give me diet supplements, until we know what is going on. And I DO NOT want to hear that it is stress. I hate that......everyone has stress. DUH!!

Ashley Madison hype going on.........OMG, the media is making this so much worse. Why do they have to dig to see what celebs are on the list, and stir up trouble within families? Just let people deal with things like this on their own, in private. And as for the Duggars -- who cares anymore??? That family always weirded me out.

I learned this week,not all marriages are black and white. The ones with couples who really actually try, are grey.  I often wonder WHY my husband married me? I will admit, I have often felt that it was so he could have someone help him with the life stuff that he just didn't want to deal with. I have often wanted to NOT be the person who runs this house, throw my hands up, and disappear and let him take care of things for a week.  But then I look at it another way too -- he choose ME to be the one who is there when he needs help. He choose ME to be there when he needs familiarity.  He still chooses ME, even though things are definitely not all perfect. And although I don't realize it all the time, when I need him and don't realize it, he is there.  He is not right by my side every moment, holding my hand, hugging me, catering to me. But he is there to try to make me laugh, he goes along for the ride when I ask for his company, and he doesn't roll his eyes at me. 
Not everyone shows affection with big huge just have to trust that you will see the little ones and accept those just as well. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Clearance items on the Etsy shop

Hey all!

Our Etsy shop has taken a bit of a different turn, then our original ideas. Therefore, some of our first items, have had another price drop. Those are listed below.

When we started, we were doing a lot of abstract, canvas art. However, the direction has turned to custom monograms, wall hangings, and wreathes.

So stop on by, and check us out to see what we have to offer. Halloween items are being made NOW and will soon be ready for ordering. Link to the shop and our FB pages are below.

Feel free to contact us for any custom requests. Thank you!

Priced to sell - new lower priced items:

Flowers and Dots

Abstract canvas painting

Nautical Wall Hanging

Anchor wall hanging

***Where you can find us...

Etsy Shop  3LadybugCrafts

Facebook Page   3LadubugCrafts

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fancy DIY whiteboards

Hey all!

I am finally back with another DIY craft.

School is around the corner. Along with our school stuff, we will be working more in helping around the house. My daughters seem to work better with lists. So we decided that I would write lists for them each weekend, of things that needed to be done in their rooms.  And to make it fun for them, I thought we would make "fancy" whiteboard for them.

First, just get some dollar store picture frames in the size you want. Next paint them any color you would like. We already had a lot of spray paint in the house, so they got to choose.

Next, take some scrap paper in any design you would like as well. These are usually between $.60-$1.25 at craft stores.

Last, just use the insert from the frame, and trace it onto the back of your scrapbook paper.
Insert the piece into the frame and reassemble.

Break out the whiteboard markers, and make your lists or notes!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

To be religious or not???

Hey all!

Now I know that this post might be a little controversial (if people actually read it), but I wanted to express my thoughts on this. I pretty much keep quiet and dont' get into these conversations and this is why.

As a child, the few times I did attend church, I found it boring. I didn't understand it. My dad would try to talk to me about it, and it was just history to me, which I hated as well.

As I got a little older, I learned that it wasn't all about history lessons, but to me it seemed like they were teaching the happenings of the past, and relating it to peoples thoughts and actions of the present. And along with it, told us all that it was all because of the Lord, or God, or Jesus; made it sound like these people of the past, were the reason we did things. Hmmm.....???? 

And I thought,  I am in MY head, and no one else is.
I decide MY own decision, no one else.

So I chose to be open minded and believe what I wanted to believe. And I didn't know what to believe, except for the fact that, again,  I make my own choices. And if I want to believe in God or something, why do I need to get up early on a weekend to prove that I believe in it? (I am not a morning person)

As I became an adult, I saw how most church going people like to make it look like they are all good...but they aren't always. They still curse and make up their own minds about things, and don't always do the right things. So what makes them so religious??? Are they really any better then anyone else??

Then I met my husband, who was raised around religion, and he still had the same thoughts as I did.
He wasn't overly religious either, and he grew up with it. Hmmm.....????

I feel that I do believe in "something" but I don't know what. Maybe I believe in the "universe"?  I don't know. 

I used to say that God doesn't give us what we can't handle. As if he was looking down on us. But then I had someone ask me, how I can say that, if I don't even know if I believe. I do believe there is something that helps guide us. I just don't know what.   So that phrase I have changed to 'We are not given anything we can't handle'.

It means the same thing.

Some people say they are "blessed". I say that I am "lucky".
It means they same thing.

I don't ask for "prayers" during hard times, I ask for "thoughts and well wishes" me it means that someone is out there, and thinking of what you are going through, and hoping it turns out for the best.    
It means the same thing.

Some people think that God will show them the way or show them the answers of what they need to do about something. I personally think, you just need to look within yourself, take a deep breath, and once you are thinking clearly,  it will come to you and it will make sense.     
It means the same thing. 

I don't think that if you are down on hard times, that God or Jesus will help you. I believe that YOU will make a choice that changes your fate, OR you will be lucky enough that a kind heart will help you along back to your path of life. 

So before you try to down someone for not being religious or being religious......just because they do or don't mention God, Jesus or the Lord, please note that........there is no right or wrong when it comes to personal beliefs.


Monday, August 10, 2015

First FALL Dollar Tree Haul of 2015

Hey all!

Yes, I am pushing Fall already. Hate me, I don't care!!! As I type this I have a Creamy Pumpkin candle lit next to me.  Fall is my Favorite time of year, so I couldn't resist when I saw a few of these items at the Dollar Tree.  (I also need supplies for a few new wreaths for the Etsy shop)

 Dollar Tree has really been stepping it up in the silk flower department. They have tons of fall foliage including these leaves., in all tones of yellow, orange and reds.

And check out these silk flowers, with a touch of burlap in them. Great for those earthy crafts.

To keep with the burlap theme, were these burlap like, glittery leaves. 14 a pack. Not a bad deal at all.

Shimmery foam decor items to add to vases or use for crafts. Loved the red ones.

Last but not least these shiny window clings. They had these and owl ones, which I think I might go back for as well.

So if you love Fall, get on over to Dollar Tree before these finds are gone!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

How to get rid of Fruit Flies

Hey all!

I know this tip might be old to some, but others may not know about it. heck, I didn't know until last year. And its my all time favorite one.

Although fruit flies are small, they are a big bother, especially in the warmer months. But I have learned this really easy trick to catch them.

Yes, dish soap and Apple cider vinegar. That's it!!  I have found that any type of dish soap works, but this original Dawn, seems to work the fastest.

Just mix together in a little dish. We have little tiny bowls that we use for dipping sauces.
Place the mixture in a area where you are seeing the fruit flies the most.
The flies are attracted to the mixture and once they hit the liquid, they sink to the bottom.
We have a fairly large kitchen and when we get them, we get them by our sink and the stove, so I typically sit out 2 dishes, where needed. In the past, its taken about 12 hrs for me to collect the bulk of them, then I refresh the mixture and leave that out for another day.  But yesterday, with this specific mix using Dawn original, I caught the bulk of them in a few hours.  After refreshing the mix about 3 times, they are all gone 24 hrs later. VOILA!

Try it and let me know if you are as amazed with this little trick as I am!