Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's the Bumble Bee costume!!!

Well Madison got her 2014 dance recital costume tonight!  She has been so excited to get it, just as she was last year too. 
We got a sneak peak of this costumer about a month ago. Which is when I realized its the same costumer, that the daughter, of my friend in NC, wore about 2 years prior. Strange how things come full circle. 
This time of year is very exciting for us with dance and all. We get costumes, we have dance school picture day, and recital tickets to buy and prep for that day. 
It's only our 2nd year doing dance, but I am so glad we are able to allow the girls to do this. It kills me to think that the day may come, where I have to tell them they can longer go to dance. Hoping that day never arrives. (side note: Madison is 2nd year of dance, Isabel is in acro class at the dance school, next year all 3 of them want to do some type of class)
I never did extracurricular activities as a child, and dance is one I wanted to do. It was for a couple reasons. 1)  I was just too shy. I never wanted to be in that atmosphere, by myself. 2)  I had a hereditary foot disease, that caused blisters all over my feet, very easily. So, I was limping and walking with my feet leaning to the side a lot. not ideal for having to dance for hours in special shoes.
So I think I am kinda of living through my kids. And its fun!