Thursday, May 22, 2014

Naturebox review for May

We got our first Nature Box!!! Woo Hoo!!! We were all so excited to get this and try it out. But before I get into describing each snack we received, a little more info first.

Naturebox is a monthly subscription  box. that comes each month to your door.. You receive healthy snacks that they chose for you, or you can build you box with the snacks of your choice.
They also work with Feeding America® to provide food to the millions of families who go hungry.

There are three different box sizes you can choose from and they are all Free Shipping:
*THE DELUXE BOX --  5 full size, nutritious snack bags each month. $19.95/box
*THE HAPPY SNACKER BOX -- 10 snack bags - 5 different snacks, 2 bags of each snack.
Great for 4-5 people. $29.95/box
*THE SMART SNACKER BOX -- 20 snack bags - 5 different snacks, 4 bags of each snack.

All of the bags are about 4-5oz each, which are a decent size. Although the snacks are all healthy, I have to admit they are pretty tasty.

They have a special going on, that I was able to pass on to you all. You can get $10 off your first box. I have listed the coupon code & website below for you.  

Now onto the snacks we received this month and my impression on them. We got 5 bags and there was a deal for $1 add ons, so we added one for 6 bags total.  Hold up, I just noticed something........we got a surprise added so we actually got 7 bags. Holla!!! I wonder now, if this is something they always do??

1 - Southern BBQ sunflower kernels - these were good, kids loved them, simple BBQ sunflower seeds.

2 - Blueberry Almond Bites - these were a fave of mine. They were little granola like squares. They texture and taste was almost like a rice cake. Very light.

3 - Chili Lime Pistachios - Spicy!!! Good but Spicy!!

4 - Santa Fe Corn Stix - these were Madison's fave. They were chip like in taste & texture. They looked like tiny stix, but tasted like a cross between Dorito's and Fritos. Not too bad.

5 - Roasted Sea Salt Chickpeas -- Eh. They didn't really have too much flavor in my opinion.

6 - PB &J granola -- good flavor, strange texture. It was soft granola with chunks of dried strawberries. Don't get me wrong, it was tasty and I like it very much, but I felt as if I was eating raw cookie dough with a lot of oatmeal in it. 

7 - Southern Pacific Plantains -  pretty much like banana chips but thinner, flavored with sea salt. if you like this kind of thing they are good. I like them, but no one else in my house does. All mine then.

This subscription box is an overall winner in our house and we will continue to get this box each month. Can't wait until next month now.

**Don't forget, if you choose to start getting Naturebox, use the code below and get $10 off your first box***

Coupon code to receive $10 off  your first box:  A9YL-GL2