Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Revlon Colorstay nailpolish review

I have been a fan of Revlon Colorstay products, since I was in high school, about 20 yrs ago. I have always been pleased by its wear. But this time...I am a little disappointed.
Now I always use a top coat with all my polishes, and without fail, the tips all chip pretty fast, even with a top coat.  (I type a lot for work and hand wash dishes about 2 times a day)  So I thought, maybe with a "color-stay" nail polish, the color would last at least a few days without a top coat?  NOPE.

This nail polish still chipped. Like i said, I did not use a top coat, because I thought that maybe the fact it was color-stay would prevent having to use one. So, on the color-stay part, I don't see anything special about this product.

But I WILL say that it did apply nicely.  I could have gotten away with just one coat if I wanted. So that is a plus that I look for in my polishes. Therefore, I definitely would repurchase this.
Not a complete fail, but a little disappointed.