Tuesday, May 27, 2014

CVS secret revealed

OMG!! A cashier at CVS told me a secret last week and I just did the research and its true.  And if you know how to coupon at CVS this can be a big deal. here it goes..........

On Saturdays, about 7pm, the computers switch over so you can get the sale deals that are ending AND the new ones that start on Sunday. OMG!!!!

Now I have not fully tested this out yet, but here is how I found out.

Saturday night, went in about 7:45pm to get some Hagaan Das. No sale sign on it, so I excepted to pay like $5.50 for it. Cashier rang me out and it was $3.50. Its on sale?!?!  I mentioned to the cashier 'That's right. You guy take your signs DOWN on Saturdays. I come in here to coupon and ti throws me all off and I end up leaving with nothing."  He proceeds to tell me "yeah, a lot of people don't like that. But sommmeeeee times, on Saturday about 6-7pm, the computers update so you can get Saturday AND Sunday sales." WHOA!!!

I WILL be testing this out next week!!!