Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Orange banana Smoothie

I have this new found love of smoothies. I like them to get burst of my fruits and veggies and vitamins.  I don't make them allll the time, but part of my grocery shopping now includes some type of fresh or frozen fruits, just in case I decide I want to make one.
Today, I was tired, and was bad...I ate a couple donuts...but in my defense, if your hubby surprises you with Krispy Kreme, you eat it. So I decided I wanted something light, that might give me a little energy (instead of making coffee cup #4).

1/2 banana
1 peeled orange
ice cubes (use as many as you want)
1 Tsp sugar (don't judge, I hate bland tastes)

Now these recipes are not exact. I basically just throw stuff together. And this one was pretty good, so I thought I'd share how easy it can be to just throw together a quick healthy snack. Enjoy!