Friday, May 22, 2015

Target Dollar Spot haul 5.21.15

Hey all!

I have been seeing and hearing a lot lately, about the Dollar Spot at Target. I have been checking it out in the past, but last night I seemed to find a few really cute items, and thought I'd share with you all.

First I grabbed these cute little decor sign for the summer holidays. They aren't to big, maybe about 4-5 inches in height, but I thought they would look cute on a shelf or window sill.

Each time I go, I always see these cute tin/buckets, but couldn't think of anything to do with them. But when I saw this one last night, it clicked in my head what to do with it. Our current toothbrush holder wasn't working for us anymore. And we always have tubes of toothpaste lying around. So I thought this would be perfect to just hold it all on one spot, on the bathroom sink.

I had children with me who wanted something, so  I grabbed a few of these color tablet packets for my daughters. Just something a little fun, to jazz up their baths. There were 8 color tablets per $1.00 package.

Lastly, with summer here (for the most part), I had to get a new refrigerator notepad. They had so many cute patterns I had a hard time choosing.

That is all for my little haul. I hope you found some inspiration and are going to check out the dollar section next time you are at a target store. Happy holidays!!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Strawberry Lemonade cupcakes

Hey, its me! Last week I found a recipe for this strawberry lemonade cake, and it sounded amazing. So I thought I'd put my own little twist on it, alter a couple of things, and turn it into Strawberry Lemonade cupcakes. And can I just say....this is my fave recipe yet. They are soooo gooooddd!!!


1)  1 box of strawberry cake mix
2 ) 1 or 2 containers of vanilla frosting (not the whipped kind)  
**The amount of containers you will need depends on how you ice your cupcakes. I use a  piping bag, which can sometimes use a little more icing then just smearing it on with a knife. **
3) 1 packet of lemonade Kool-Aid
4) Yellow food coloring
5) Sliced strawberries


1) Mix & bake the cake mix per the instructions on the box.

2) Add about 1/4 of the kool-aid packet of dry powder, to the icing and mix well.  Of course you can add more to taste, but I suggest to take it slow when adding the flavoring, until its to your liking.

3) Once the icing has the flavor you want, add a bit of yellow food dye to give it that lemonade coloring.

4)Frost/Ice your cupcakes
5) slice a few strawberries and add to the top of the icing, for garnish.


Friday, May 8, 2015

Dollar Tree haul 5/7/15

Hey, its me!

So I ran to Dollar tree last night to get some gift accessories for Mother's Day.  I was so impressed with what I found, that I just had to share with you all.

I saw on a vlog  a few weeks ago, someone found these really cute bird party plates. I though they would be really cute for Mother's Day. The store I went to didn't have birds, but they did have insects and flowers, which I thought was better. The big plates have 18 per pack and the smaller dessert plates have 20 per pack. That's a lot...for $1.00...and they are super cute. (also a pic I took, to message my sister the plates, while shopping. He He)

I also saw this whole party set, that I thought was cute. I thought of my other sister who loves dolphins. Think I might need to get these just to have on hand.

To go along with the cute insect theme, I found this ladybug gift bag and HAD to have it. If you all know me, I love my ladybugs. I even have a tattoo of them. So I grabbed it (hoping I'll get it back someday - he he).

Gifts bags need tissue paper right? They had all these packs of multi colored tissue paper. 25 sheets for $1.00. I normally pay that much, or more, for less then 10 sheets of the same color.

I was just so impressed with all the really cute choices they had for party supplies and gift wrap. I wanted to buy a whole bunch of stuff and stock pile it. I really suggest that if you find yourself needing to buy gift wrap for a lot of parties, hit Dollar Tree and make a stockpile. I am hoping to someday soon too. I hate that we have to go buy new stuff each time we have an event to go to.

I know I say it each time I go in there but Dollar Tree had come a long way. Go check it out if you haven't!

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to share the love & information. Stay tuned for a cupcake recipe blog coming up next- hopefully tomorrow!


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My ideal Mother's Day

I wake in the morning, in a Snow White sort of way. Bright eyes, happy and signing. I would drink my coffee that was made by cute little blue birds.

Once I was awake, my children would come downstairs in a Sound of Music type of way - all in a line, with smiles on their faces & a pep in their steps. Each would give me a hug, a peck on the cheek, and would shower me with gifts, before retreating back to their room to make them spotlessly clean.

After eating my professional chef made pancakes, I would snap my fingers and have hair and makeup done.

Off to the mall I would go, for an unlimited shopping spree, alone.

Upon my return home,  I would enter my HGTV decorated bedroom for an uninterrupted nap.

After my nap, I would have slushy drinks waiting for me, on my perfect back yard patio, while we wait for guests. As people arrived to our home, those professional chef would be preparing a lovely meal for the evening.

After some family time with my own mother and children, everyone would go home. The chefs would clean the kitchen spotless before leaving for the night  themselves.

I then would venture into my perfect bath full of Lush products. No one would knock on the door or bust in to use the bathroom.

By the time I got out of the bath, my children's lunches would be made and they would all be tucked in bed and sleeping soundly.

To end the night, I would rest my head on my pillow and dream of another perfect day.

In the morning I would wake to realize... it was all a dream!!!  

I am not here to make you think life is perfect, but wouldn't it be nice??

Happy Mother's Day to all of the hard working moms out there who push their owns wants/needs aside for their family and still survive life!  X0XO

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Couponing Proof

Hey, its me!

I have had a lot of people asking me about my coupons. (I think I opened the last blog post like this too -- oops - ha ha - anyway....)  I can't explain it all I want, but I thought it might help to have it listed out, item for item, coupon for coupon.
Yesterday was the last day of sales for this week, at Shoprite. I apologize for that, but, I still wanted to show you a break down of this weeks deals. Kinda of a way to show you all how it can be done.  in this trip, I am buying ONLY items that I have coupons and deals on. I used paper coupons and digital coupons that I have saved on my Shoprite app.

So, here it goes. Now I am not going to post the doubled value of the coupons, but know my stores policy is that they will double all coupons, but not give anymore then $1.00. Please check your stores coupon policy. (some other SR in the area fully double coupons)
EX: $.50 doubles to $1.00 / $.75 doubles to $1.00
------------------- ------------------ --------------- ----------------
Dawn dish soap -- on sale $.88 - $.25 cpn = $.38ea.
Hefty Slider bags -- on sale $1.00 - $1 off 2 cpn = $.50 ea. when you buy 2
Huggies baby wipes Wipes (32 ct soft pack) -- on sale $.99 - $.50 cpn = FREE
Emerald nuts -- on sale $1.99 - $.50cpn - $1.00 ea.
Febreeze -- on sale $2.33 - $.75 cpn - $1.33 ea.
Honey Nut Cheerios -- on sale $2.49 - $.50 cpn - $.50 dig. cpn = $.99 ea.
Reese's Puffs cereal -- $2.49 - $.50cpn = $1.49/ea.
Country Time lemonade starter -- $3.99 - $1.50 catalina cpn - $1.00 dig. cpn = $1.49/ea.
Nature Valley granola bars -- on sale $2.33 - $.50 off 2 cpn - $.50off 2 dig cpn = $1.58 ea.
Ajax laundry detergent -- on sale $1.88 - $.89 dig. cpn = $.99 ea.
Dole grapefruit 4 pk - $2.69 - $.75 cpn = $1.69 ea.
Popsicle 8ct  - $1.49 sale only
Yoplait Gogurt -- $2.79 - $.50 cpn = $1.79 ea.
Reynolds Foil - $1.00 sale only
SR band mac & cheese -- $.60ea. normal price
Betty Crocker fruit snack/fruit roll ups -- on sale 2/$5.00 - $.50 off 2 = $4.00 for 2

$55.91 total - coupons and digital coupons == $32.47 OOP

Hope you learned a little from this list. And also, please feel free to comment with any questions. Thank you!