Friday, September 4, 2015

Curls for little girls

Hey all!

I know we've all seen the many way to get curls in your hair, but I wanted to share MY method. I have 3 girls, who always want their hair a different way. So we tried this the other night and it turned out pretty cute. And now here I am to share it with you!

First, make sure the hair is wet!

Next, section it into 4 sections. Twists each section until it started to fold down on itself. Guide it to wrap like a bun, and secure with a hair tie. 

Now send your girls to bed, for a nights sleep.

In the morning, pull the hair ties out, as best you can, without disturbing the twists too much.
Run your fingers through the twists with your fingers, just once, to separate it.

Once all 4 are done, your daughters hair will look like this. Style as you wish.  We like to just throw on a headband, or pin the sides back with barrettes, to minimize the amount of touching we do, to the curls.