Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Chicken Stir Fry (simple)

Hey all!

Another recipe here. I made this last night, and posted a picture on my Facebook, and tons of people started asking for the recipe. Well it's pretty simple. So I thought, why not post a blog about it, so I can share with others and then when asked for the recipe, I will have it all ready to go.


*teriyaki sauce/marinade

*frozen steamable veggies

*rice (can also be in the steamable version)

1 - Cup up chicken into chunks & place in bowl with a coating of teriyaki sauce. Cover & refrigerate for a few house until you are ready to cook. (if you don't have time, you can skip putting it in the fridge)
2 - Place chicken and sauce in pan, and cook on medium. Stir and flip chicken often, to ensure all pieces are cooked at equal times, so you can make sure all of it is DONE at the same amount.
3 - While chicken is cooking, start cooking your veggies and rice in the microwave. (this will take about 5 minutes per bag, so we suggest to do this once chicken is about 80% done.
4 - When chicken is cooked thorough, turn down the heat a little, throw in your veggies, and "stir fy' them all together, to get that sauce incorporated through.
5 - Serve over rice, and enjoy!