Friday, September 25, 2015

Weight Loss (and life) check in 9.25.15

Hey all!!

I know I said I would do a weekly weight in, but I need to be honest with myself. There is not much to report. And life has been busy. i just haven't been able to wrap my head around exactly what I wanted to write about.  So let me just do some quick updates here on LIFE:

-Fibro diagnosis still underway, appointment with rheumatologist is first week in October. But have been feeling pretty good for the last week. (although they say it can come and go)

-Dental appointments like crazy are about to happen. I've been neglecting my mouth, due to money issues. I was finally approved for the care credit card, and now I can start getting stuff done.

- My oldest daughters BD party is beginning of October as well. We are doing a blue and black Paris theme, so there will be a blog post about that as well.

-I need to start working on some Christmas stuff to put on the Etsy shop and FB page, because my sister is doing a craft show beginning of December that I would like to get in on. And...I have a few custom orders that will be in the works as well. 
Facebook page for 3LadybugCrafts
Etsy shop for 3LadybugCrafts

OK, now as for the weight loss. I am down to 6 lbs lost. Woo Hoo!!  That is since Sept. 9th, a little over 2 weeks. I feel like I did hit a plateau in the middle, but the overall numbers are pretty good, so I am not letting it discourage me.

I still am not doing a special diet. Money had been tight, and I do have picky eaters for kids. I have still been keeping my portions low, which is due to the Phentermine.

I am able to keep my late night snacking.....not as bad as it used to be. I still end up having a snack around 8 or 9pm, but instead of chips and then fruit snacks and something else, its more like an applesauce and that's it.

I did have to increase my coffee again. I am not back to what I was drinking, but there are days where I am just getting NO energy from the Phentermine, and I NEED coffee.  I was just getting WAY too to the point, I was so chill I looked like I was on something. And for those who know me..that is soooo not me.

I did try to take a full pill, for about 3 days, but it didn't seem to be working any better then the half pill. So I went back to the half pill (partly to help the script last longer). And if for any reason, I get really tired before 2-3pm, I will take the other half, although I haven't had to do that yet. I am finding the trick is to keep moving and keep busy. But since I work 40 hrs a week at a computer, its a little challenging for me.

There is another side effect that I have been experiencing too, constipation. However, I find that only seemed to happen when I was taking the full pill. But what I did was take 1 day, without any Phentermine, and just let my body system do its thing. That is usually when I would see the change in my weight. (TMI) Almost like taking a break to clean out my body? I don't know. But it works.

Overall, I am pleased. It's not going as fast as I thought it would, but I know that is due to my diet. So once I can change that as well, and start moving more, I think it will continue to work for me. I'm excited to see how far I can go.

Start weight 9/8/15:  223
Today 9/25/15:          217

For me, the 10 lb markers are my short term goals. Like Once I hit 200, I was comfortable until I hit 210 and so on and so forth. Same with losing. I felt like I wasn't losing, and it was pointless, but I made it under 200 and haven't gone back, so that is what keeps me motivated. Next marker I am looking to get under is 215. A little at a time is all you can do sometimes.

Until next time!!!!