Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pain diagnosis journey

Hey all!

The last time I popped in and talked about my pain issues, things were manageable. My family doctor did pre-diagnose me with Fibromyalgia, and I have set up an appointment with a Rheumatologist to continue that testing, for a firm diagnosis.

However, in the meantime, things have taken a different turn.  My pain issues seem to b e spreading to other areas I did not have issues with before. And its becoming non-manageable with ibuprofen.

When I first started being concerned with this, about 4-5 yrs ago, it was because I would get muscles aches, or pulled muscles, in my shoulder blade area, that sometimes would be up to my neck, and the pain would be horrible for a couple days, and I wouldn't be able to move my neck much. (And now that I think about it, that has been going on longer then 5 yrs).  But it was always just a thing where I would take ibuprofen to make it tolerable and go on with my day, and it would work itself out in a few days.  (I had xrays done, that found nothing and was told that this was most likely to having a desk job and being hunched over all day. I should try sitting straighter)

I also started having aches in my legs and feet that would keep me up at night. Again...I would just massage it and it would go away. I actually thought this had something to do with taking ibuprohpen before bed. (I was told nothing about this, as it didn't happen a lot & went away with massage)

I also, was experiencing numbness is part of my left hand. The docs took an EKG right away in fear I may have heart  issues. All was fine. And that symptom, actually went away for the most part. 

But then over the last 6 months to a year, these 2 things started happening more and more. Over the last year, its gotten to the point where I know if I lift or carry heavy bags from shopping, I will pull that shoulder muscle. So I started shopping from home to avoid all the lifting.

And the aching in the foot and legs at night, began to be more often, and not related to taking ibuprofen at all.

Same things keep happening, and now its too often. I have a husband with MS so I have to do a lot he can't anymore...I needed to get this looked into.
That is when my doc saw the tests and complaints from 4 yrs ago and realized something WAS up. (My doc also deals with my mother, so when I told him I was concerned that I might be turning into her, he knew I was serious).

So now, 3 weeks later as I wait for my rhuematolosuist appouintment, more things are happening. I get aches in the middle of my back, to the point where if I laugh or take a quick breath, I get a shock real fast & it takes my breath away fro a second. That lasted a few days and is now gone.

NOW, when I walk any amount of real time (like shopping or to a park) I would get a muscle ache in the crease of my leg around my groin, along with aches in my thighs. This makes it a little hard for me to lift my leg without thinking about it. It started  last week, and was tolerable. However, in the last 2 days, the aches have spread to multiple points in my left leg - groin muscle, thigh, shin, and knee. Up until now, all aches were in my right side of my body.

Last night, I laid down to try to sleep, and all the point on my leg were just throbbing. I took meds but they didn't do much at all.  I keep trying to tell myself its normal for my weight, and there is nothing wrong, but I couldn't help but to let the tears seep out as I lay there, trying to get the throbbing to somehow lull me to sleep. It finally did. Once I was relaxed enough, I fell asleep, and woke with only slight pain in one spot.
But now as I sit here, after dropping all the girls off at school, and throwing in some laundry, my leg is aching again in all of those spots.

I can't walk well, due to the pain near my groin, but when I do, all the other pains go away. No win situation. I can either walk with a limp becuase of 1 ache, or sit with 3-4 aches at once happening.

Hoping to find out what is really going on, and have it be an easy type of fix.  We don't need another crippling disease in this house, please.

 ***The red spots below are where all the aches are, for today. I am having a slight ache below my right shoulder, on my chest.