Thursday, September 17, 2015

Week #1 check in - weight loss

Hey all!

So today we are entering into Week #2 of being on the Phentermine, from the doctor, so I thought it was time for a check up about last week.

So far, I am down 3 lbs. That is a significant loss for ME, in the matter of a week. However, although it was only a week, I feel like I plateaued already, within that week.

I was a little nervous about the jitters and racing heart beat, since you have to see a doctor monthly while taking this. Therefore, I have only been taking half a pill each day (37.5 cut in half to 18.75mg). The first 3 days, I would feel the surge of energy come over me, without the jitters. So due to that, I decided to cut back my coffee intake to just one mug on the morning, then half of one in the afternoon if I felt like I needed it. That cut back alone, I think is what made me lose the 3lbs.

Also, I didn't have much of an appetite either. When I would eat, it was stricly because I needed to, and not because I wanted to. Nothing tasted "yummy", so I wasn't prone to large portions. Nothing tasted bad either, which didn't help me in figuring out WHAT I wanted to eat.

The last few days have been a little harder. I am starting to get back the urge to snack again. And we are low on funds, so my choices of snacks haven't' been the best.

Also, I was finding that come mid-day I was soooo exhausted, that I didn't want to go out. Now I don't exercise a lot, due to errands, and chores, and what have you, so I count on my shopping trips to get in the walking. And i was just sooo tired, I couldn't get the energy to want to go anywhere.

Now here is my pickle.....if you followed my last blog, you will see that I am in the beginning stages of possibly being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. So I have been doing some reading up on it & one of the side effects is tiredness. i tired from that? IF I have it, I think Im in a flare-up right now. Could that be why I was tired?  or was it because I went from tons of coffee per day, to barely none? Have I been NEEDING to live off coffee for the past who knows how long because of Fibro? Or am I just lazy??  (will be doing another post about Fibro today as well, if interested)

SOOOO...due to the no energy and the stall in weight loss, I am going to start taking a full pill today. I am hoping this helps me stay away from having to drink more coffee to stay awake and going. I'm a mom of 3 girls, my husband has MS and can't help as much as he used to, and I am running to my parents house all the time to grab/drop off laundry or whatever for my disabled mother. I NEED TO KEEP MY ENERGY!!!

But all in all, its only a few pounds, I DO feel less bloated and like my clothes are starting to fit a smidge better. I am not AS self conscience about my stomach this week.

Here's to hoping next week is the same, with SOME kinda of loss, or even better!

Start weight:  223
Today's' weights:  220