Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My new weight loss journey - Day #1

Hey all!

Update on the health journey...

 As you may or may not have read a few weeks ago, I was pre-diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  I had some blood work done and went back for a follow up yesterday and my doc said that my inflammatory markers in my blood work were high, so he is sticking with his thoughts of Fibro. I need to go see a rheumatologist to continue on with the firm diagnosis process now.

Oddly enough, I have been feeling more tingles and aches since this all came about too. I am talking myself into the fact that its just in my head. How could I possible be feeling worse then before, with just a diagnosis? Who knows?!?!

However, during my appointment, I asked him if there was anything I could do with my weight. I'll be honest (an actually being honest is bringing my to tears right now as I type, but....)  I am 5'3 and weight in at 223 lbs. right now. Not something I am happy about AT ALL. I weight almost 50 lbs more now, then I did when I delivered my twins almost 9 yrs ago. I don't know what happened.

Compared to other people I see, I do not eat "a lot". My dinner plates are not filled to the brim (you can always see plate between my food piles). I don't like a lot of sweets anymore.  I don't feel like we eat anymore fast food than any other average American out there, and when we do, we typically don't get full meals, for cost saving reasons. We will typically eat a burger off the Dollar menu or get a 20 piece nugget meal, to share with my 3 kids.  But we have a weakness for candy and pizza. And we do snack a lot in this house, and we do it at hours of the day that are not all that great. Like 10pm, right before bed.

A few years ago, a new gym opened up close to my house and I joined. The first time I ever "wanted" to join a gym. And for about a year, I went faithfully 3-4 times a week. I loved it. I didn't feel like I had more energy like most people say happens, but I noticed each time I went, it was a little easier to push myself a little further. I saw a small small weight loss, not much at all. But I stuck with it. This was something I was doing for myself. But after a while, I noticed that I was waking in the morning, with aches in my legs. And I didn't want that to stop me, so I started taking Advil before the gym. And it clicked one day -- I am having to get rid of my pain just to go to the gym.That's not right....

Halloween 2013, I took the day off, and made plans to get stuff done. After I dropped the kids off at school, I hit the gym for about an hour an half. Was feeling great. After that,I went over to our grocery store which is next to the gym, and did a decent sized grocery trip. Brought it home, brought it all in by myself, unloaded it. Then we did trick or treating that night..about 2 miles of walking all over town. By the end of the night, my feet were killing me, my thighs were killing me, my back started to hurt. And I just chalked it up to doing TOO much that day and took a few days off. ...the aches were still there....took a few more days off. Then the cold weather came in and I just didn't feel like it anymore. I got out of my pattern.  Before I knew it, it was April and I was determined to get back to the gym again. I went 2 times.....and was in pain for a week after each time. Sadly I haven't been back. But I'm still paying for that gym membership in hopes that my pain will go away, or I will have more time.  I have gained 15 lbs since I stopped going. Ha...didn't lose much, but easily gained it back & then some.

December 2014,  bought myself an Ab roller. Yes, that old time thing for home workouts. I used to have one and loved it, so  I thought 'Why not'. Here we are almost a year later and I have used it maybe 5 times. Each time I do, I pull a muscle in my back/shoulder area. How?? Its designed to prevent that. Well..that's how my life goes. that my doc can see WHY I can't exercise as much. And he's been filled in on how my OBGYN told me that with my age and occupation and stresses of life, my metabolism seems to not be liking me anymore.......he gave me diet pills.

I know I know....a lot of people are against them. But, for someone who really can't exercise without putting herself in a pain tizzy for 2 weeks at a time, and needs help with her energy levels, I am willing to try. And as I told my doctor, I have taken OTC diet pills in the past and I am very cautious when it comes to the jittery, heart racing feelings...I don't like them. I will take one pill and throw out a whole bottle if that happens. So, I won't be one of those people who keeps taking it even if I feel like something is not right.  Because of this, he also gave me tablets that I can cut in half, if I find that a whole dose is a little too much for me. (I'm a light weight with drugs)

I have to go back to see him in another month for a check-up. And I have a blood pressure cuff at home, for my husband, that I can use as wel,l to monitor my blood pressure at home, in between appointments.

I have the pills sitting right next to me now. Today will be Day #1...and I weighted in this morning at 223.  I would love to lose 75% of what I have gained in the last 18 yrs since I met my hubby, but I know I won't. I am too old and have too much going on in life to be THAT diligent. HAHA  My realistic goal for now, is to ideally get to 175-ihs. If nothing else, at least back under 200...I became comfortable with being a bigger girl when I was around 190.

I will be doing periodical check in's now, as I notice changes or lulls in the process. So if you would like to follow my journey, follow me!! And please feel free to message me any tips you may have if you have tried doctor prescribed diet pills. Maybe we can go through this journey together!!

9/9/15 -- Day #1
Weight - 223 lbs
Dose -- half a pill