Thursday, June 19, 2014

Guilty thoughts

Hubby went back to work this week. And since its been really hot this week, he has been coming home exhausted, as expected. He lays around for a while. Tried to play with the kids. But then its rest time again. Then he will wake up and do a load of dishes. Rest time again.

I have been trying to keep up with housework, in the mornings, before I have to log on for work. But then what happens is that I am ready for a nap, as I need to start working.


Then I feel guilty for feeling like this. I sometimes still want to yell at him to clean up his stuff. Then other times I feel like I am not allowed to say a damn word. Where is the happy medium?

He can barely walk and when he does, he has no balance & walks into things. So it takes extra effort to walk at all, for him. Who am I to expect him to walk to the kitchen and put a dish in the sink?

He can push himself at work, but can't put his stuff away at home?

Normally I would be huffing and puffing and pissily telling him how it is. Instead now I just sit back, and do it myself. 

Let him sleep Heather - I tell myself.  He "claims" he doesn't sleep at nights. if that's true how is he getting by? Any normal person would not be able to go days with that little sleep.

Am I a horrible person for not being able to just let it go and realize that he IS different now?