Thursday, June 19, 2014

Entertain your kids with their snacks

 Summertime is officially here for most of us. Kids are not in school and the temps are rising.

As a lot of us moms experience, we have picky eaters. And out kids get bored in the summer. So lets make their food entertaining.

Below are a few summertime snacks for kids, that are not so on the boring side.

 Watermelon on a stick. Seems simple enough, yet just adding that stick might make things more fun for them. I can picture mine pretending to eat it like a Popsicle. And, it MIGHT help with the mess and juice all over the hands.

Keeping with the watermelon theme, this one is one that my mom did when I was a kid. We called it the watermelon cake. However, now that I am a mom, I think it would just be a great way to keep a large group of kids occupied at a BBQ. or just a cool snack for the neighborhood kids all hanging out.

Cut a watermelon in half and scoop out the melon.  Then take some softened sherbet of any flavor that is pink and fill the half of watermelon shell with it. Top with some chocolate chips to look like the seeds. Re-freeze. When ready, just place it on a table and give each child a spoon and they can dig in!
(sorry there is not a photo of the finished product. I will post as soon as I do this as I plan on it this summer)

Applesauce in the freezer. I started doing this last year, because my kids wanted water ice every night and it was starting to get a bit expensive. However, at our local Dollar General, we could get a 4 pack like this for $1.00. I decided to put one in the freezer to see if they liked it and they LOVED it. So every week, I would buy a few packs, and stick half in the freezer and half in the fridge and they could have water ice whenever they wanted, for 1/4 of the costs.

Kids jello shots. We have all seen the ideas going around of how to hollow out fruit and put alcoholic jello inside for a unique way to do Jello shots. Well why can't we just leave out the alcohol and make them anyway, for our kids?

Fruit kabobs. Plain and simple. Stick fruit on a stick. Also, I am hoping this will keep my daughter from eating an entire bag of grapes all to herself.