Thursday, August 27, 2015

This week's thoughts - relationships, dianosis, and cheaters

I have learned that I might have fibromyalsia. I am not sure if I think that is really what is going on with me. I feel it might have something to do with my weight. But if we need to rule our Fibro first, lets do it. My blood pressure is no long perfect like it used to be, so I am not in a rush to see if doc can give me diet supplements, until we know what is going on. And I DO NOT want to hear that it is stress. I hate that......everyone has stress. DUH!!

Ashley Madison hype going on.........OMG, the media is making this so much worse. Why do they have to dig to see what celebs are on the list, and stir up trouble within families? Just let people deal with things like this on their own, in private. And as for the Duggars -- who cares anymore??? That family always weirded me out.

I learned this week,not all marriages are black and white. The ones with couples who really actually try, are grey.  I often wonder WHY my husband married me? I will admit, I have often felt that it was so he could have someone help him with the life stuff that he just didn't want to deal with. I have often wanted to NOT be the person who runs this house, throw my hands up, and disappear and let him take care of things for a week.  But then I look at it another way too -- he choose ME to be the one who is there when he needs help. He choose ME to be there when he needs familiarity.  He still chooses ME, even though things are definitely not all perfect. And although I don't realize it all the time, when I need him and don't realize it, he is there.  He is not right by my side every moment, holding my hand, hugging me, catering to me. But he is there to try to make me laugh, he goes along for the ride when I ask for his company, and he doesn't roll his eyes at me. 
Not everyone shows affection with big huge just have to trust that you will see the little ones and accept those just as well.