Thursday, August 13, 2015

To be religious or not???

Hey all!

Now I know that this post might be a little controversial (if people actually read it), but I wanted to express my thoughts on this. I pretty much keep quiet and dont' get into these conversations and this is why.

As a child, the few times I did attend church, I found it boring. I didn't understand it. My dad would try to talk to me about it, and it was just history to me, which I hated as well.

As I got a little older, I learned that it wasn't all about history lessons, but to me it seemed like they were teaching the happenings of the past, and relating it to peoples thoughts and actions of the present. And along with it, told us all that it was all because of the Lord, or God, or Jesus; made it sound like these people of the past, were the reason we did things. Hmmm.....???? 

And I thought,  I am in MY head, and no one else is.
I decide MY own decision, no one else.

So I chose to be open minded and believe what I wanted to believe. And I didn't know what to believe, except for the fact that, again,  I make my own choices. And if I want to believe in God or something, why do I need to get up early on a weekend to prove that I believe in it? (I am not a morning person)

As I became an adult, I saw how most church going people like to make it look like they are all good...but they aren't always. They still curse and make up their own minds about things, and don't always do the right things. So what makes them so religious??? Are they really any better then anyone else??

Then I met my husband, who was raised around religion, and he still had the same thoughts as I did.
He wasn't overly religious either, and he grew up with it. Hmmm.....????

I feel that I do believe in "something" but I don't know what. Maybe I believe in the "universe"?  I don't know. 

I used to say that God doesn't give us what we can't handle. As if he was looking down on us. But then I had someone ask me, how I can say that, if I don't even know if I believe. I do believe there is something that helps guide us. I just don't know what.   So that phrase I have changed to 'We are not given anything we can't handle'.

It means the same thing.

Some people say they are "blessed". I say that I am "lucky".
It means they same thing.

I don't ask for "prayers" during hard times, I ask for "thoughts and well wishes" me it means that someone is out there, and thinking of what you are going through, and hoping it turns out for the best.    
It means the same thing.

Some people think that God will show them the way or show them the answers of what they need to do about something. I personally think, you just need to look within yourself, take a deep breath, and once you are thinking clearly,  it will come to you and it will make sense.     
It means the same thing. 

I don't think that if you are down on hard times, that God or Jesus will help you. I believe that YOU will make a choice that changes your fate, OR you will be lucky enough that a kind heart will help you along back to your path of life. 

So before you try to down someone for not being religious or being religious......just because they do or don't mention God, Jesus or the Lord, please note that........there is no right or wrong when it comes to personal beliefs.