Sunday, August 2, 2015

How to get rid of Fruit Flies

Hey all!

I know this tip might be old to some, but others may not know about it. heck, I didn't know until last year. And its my all time favorite one.

Although fruit flies are small, they are a big bother, especially in the warmer months. But I have learned this really easy trick to catch them.

Yes, dish soap and Apple cider vinegar. That's it!!  I have found that any type of dish soap works, but this original Dawn, seems to work the fastest.

Just mix together in a little dish. We have little tiny bowls that we use for dipping sauces.
Place the mixture in a area where you are seeing the fruit flies the most.
The flies are attracted to the mixture and once they hit the liquid, they sink to the bottom.
We have a fairly large kitchen and when we get them, we get them by our sink and the stove, so I typically sit out 2 dishes, where needed. In the past, its taken about 12 hrs for me to collect the bulk of them, then I refresh the mixture and leave that out for another day.  But yesterday, with this specific mix using Dawn original, I caught the bulk of them in a few hours.  After refreshing the mix about 3 times, they are all gone 24 hrs later. VOILA!

Try it and let me know if you are as amazed with this little trick as I am!