Friday, May 8, 2015

Dollar Tree haul 5/7/15

Hey, its me!

So I ran to Dollar tree last night to get some gift accessories for Mother's Day.  I was so impressed with what I found, that I just had to share with you all.

I saw on a vlog  a few weeks ago, someone found these really cute bird party plates. I though they would be really cute for Mother's Day. The store I went to didn't have birds, but they did have insects and flowers, which I thought was better. The big plates have 18 per pack and the smaller dessert plates have 20 per pack. That's a lot...for $1.00...and they are super cute. (also a pic I took, to message my sister the plates, while shopping. He He)

I also saw this whole party set, that I thought was cute. I thought of my other sister who loves dolphins. Think I might need to get these just to have on hand.

To go along with the cute insect theme, I found this ladybug gift bag and HAD to have it. If you all know me, I love my ladybugs. I even have a tattoo of them. So I grabbed it (hoping I'll get it back someday - he he).

Gifts bags need tissue paper right? They had all these packs of multi colored tissue paper. 25 sheets for $1.00. I normally pay that much, or more, for less then 10 sheets of the same color.

I was just so impressed with all the really cute choices they had for party supplies and gift wrap. I wanted to buy a whole bunch of stuff and stock pile it. I really suggest that if you find yourself needing to buy gift wrap for a lot of parties, hit Dollar Tree and make a stockpile. I am hoping to someday soon too. I hate that we have to go buy new stuff each time we have an event to go to.

I know I say it each time I go in there but Dollar Tree had come a long way. Go check it out if you haven't!

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to share the love & information. Stay tuned for a cupcake recipe blog coming up next- hopefully tomorrow!