Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Paris themed party??

Hey all!

So last weekend was my oldest daughters 12th BD. She originally asked for a Paris themed party. I thought that would be no problem.....but she wanted black & blue, not pink & blue. I challenge you all to go to any party store, or website and fine BLUE & black Paris themes supplies. Ha Ha

OK, challenge accepted. However, it ended up just turning into a blue & black party, with Parisian themed food. But all in all, it came out pretty good!

If you saw my last blog post, you will see that we made our own photo booth props. (link below) However, we also made our own frames. For the party, guests could take selfies or photos of each other, using the props, in front of our back drop. The back drop was simply 2 rolls of Dollar Tree wrapping paper, taped to the wall.

As for decorations, there wasn't too much....just about 50 balloons taped to the ceiling with silk ribbons hanging from them. And some streamers around archways and large furniture items.
I know you may be thinking, "Arent' all the kids going to be temped to pull those down?"  I was afraid of that as well. However, we made a positive mistake...we left an open bag of balloons on the couch. So...the kids just blew those up and played with them, which helped their temptation of the ones hanging down. Whew!  Also, just a note, if you decide to try this....we thought and analyzed how to do this with helium, and we realized that helium would deflate really fast, and we would have to tape the balloons up there anyway, so why waste the money. These are just regular, hot air from our lungs, with double stick tape. And 3 days later, they are still up there...

For a little entertainment, we decided to have the kids challenge themselves to be Parisian artists....on teeny tiny little canvas. And they got to take them home as a party favor.
I didn't get a chance to take photos of the food, but it was all Paris themed as well.  we had sandwiches on croissants, cheese and fruit, veggies with french onion dip, chips with french onion dip, mini eclair's, and we did make blue kool-aid for the kids as well. 

Last but NOT least!!! (I am so dang proud of this)  My daughter challenged me again, and saw this photo on Pintrest and asked for this cake design. I laughed at her "You're funny. I would need to go to a bakery for that and it would cost me a pretty penny. "  Well, after some research and watching YouTube videos, I thought, "I can do this!!!"  And OMG I did...yay!!! And she was soooo excited.
Blue rosette covered cake:

The topper was purchased off Etsy and was metal so can be used in her room a decor. But the cake...everyone loved it. I did make the inside blue and white swirled, and the outside is covered in blue rosettes. 4 cans of icing on that sucker!! Rich, but looked sooo pretty. And she was sooo happy, which is all I could ask for.

Hope this helps inspure your next BD party!!

DIY photo booth props