Thursday, October 8, 2015

DIY Photo props

Hey all!

I'm back!!!  Its been a busy week prepping for Madison's Paris themed birthday party that is coming up. We've been crafting away & I have one project finished, so I thought I'd share with you.

She wanted a photo booth type area, and she wanted photo props to go along with it. Well, time and money were running out, so we decided to tackle that ourselves.

First, get yourself some foam board from the Dollar Tree. Once piece can get you a lot of material.

Next, find some photos online of the props you want, and print them out. Then cut them out, to use as a template.

Next, trace the shape onto the foam board. Then using an Xacto knife, carefully cut out the shape.
Now I do want to warn you here, that the foam board is pretty much a sheet of thick paper adhere to the foam, and it may lift a little. I simply just took a thin paint brush, and got some Mod Podge (or glue of your choice) and place it where there was lifting.

Once your shapes are cut out, you can use a nail file or sand paper, to just smooth things out a bit.

From here, you can paint or decorate them as you choose. On the black ones, we chose to paint the edges black so it all blended. A few of them we painted a different color.

Last step, we coated all of them with Modge Podge to help seal in the paint and keep the foam from falling all over as well.

Lastly use some hot glue, and glue a wooden dowel or skewer onto the back side of the shape.

And your done! Now your photo booth props are ready and cost you only a few dollars.