Wednesday, October 21, 2015

DIY photography

Hey all!

I lately have been trying my hand at some non-professional photography. It started with seeing some beauty in the Spring, while at a local park, and deciding to take pics of my kids frolicking in the beauty of the day. Then I decided to do a special shoot for Father's Day this summer. And I often got nice comments on the photos.

Recently, I have been doing our own Christmas photo cards as well, just with my own photography sense. One year I grabbed the camera, a few props and headed into the woods to see what happened. Last year, I had an updated phone, and I saw an opportunity last year, snapped a few photos to see how they would come out, and I loved what I captured. 

These were done with a regular 6 yrs old digital camera and generic editing programming:

This was taken with a camera phone and no editing, just Christmas lights doing their job:

Well, now its Fall. Our favorite time of year. So this weekend, I took the girls to this little event, at one of my favorite, childhood parks. While we were there, we decided to try to do a little photo shoot, in hopes I would get a perfect shot for this years Christmas card. Well, I am not sure about using any of the photos for our Christmas cards, but I still love some of the shots I got. (These were ALL taken and edited on my Samsung Galaxy 5)

And of course, I had to take a few shots of just the beauty of the Fall season in nature.

Yes this post is mostly a pictorial, but I wanted to show you, that with today's cell phone technology, you too can do you own photography.Not everyone can afford professional sessions all the time. Just grab your kids, hit a park, and snap away. You never know what you'll snap!