Monday, July 27, 2015

My first Etsy order!!!

Hey all!

So Friday night, I am sitting on the couch talking with my girls, about some random stuff that was happening. During a moment on silence, we all hear this 'Cha-Ching" sound. We look at the TV and nothing. I grab my phone and say "I wonder what that....I wonder if I got an Etsy order?!"  Then nice and calm, but with excitement "OMG, i did! I just got my first Etsy order!!!!!!!!!"

The girls started cheering for me and chanting. And the best thing of all...I DID NOT know the person. A total random stranger, saw my Etsy page, and actually WANTS something I made.

I was beyond excited. Its now after 10pm on a Friday night and i wanted to get to work right away. But I need more supplies. Saturday I got the order done and, now, as I type, its sitting next to me all ready to be shipped. it's only a $6 profit, but still...ITS A PROFIT!!! 

And last night, I got another order. Not on my Etsy shop, but a friend in-boxed me and asked for pricing and ideas. I'm so excited.

So stop on by, visit our shop or page. Tell a friend. Join us!!!  And thank you in advance for your support!!

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