Monday, June 29, 2015

Please help us help support our daughters LOVE of Dance!

Hey all!

I know, I know. I am bugging again about our Etsy shop and all but.......this is what I had to deal with this weekend....
This is Isabel, looking at the dance school's website, at the schedule for next year, to see what classes she would like to take and at what times they are available.

My kids are in love with their dance classes. And unfortunately, this December, we took a hit with our income, and we just can't afford classes next year. We have 3 daughters who all want to attend, and I will not leave any out.....and we can only really afford to send 1 out of 3 next year.

Below are pics of Madison's recitals from the last 3 years and Isabel's acro showcase from this year.

This is the ONLY extracurricular activity my children like doing. Without it, they are pretty much home all the time.  I really feel that their dance classes allow them to socialize and it helps them grow to learn teamwork.

THIS, those faces you see smiling ear to ear, are the reason we started 3ladyBugCrafts. It's ALL for the girls.

So, we ask  you in return, to please take a moment to visit our shop and/or Facebook page, and share it with your friends, family, fellow bloggers, or Etsy followers. It would be greatly appreciated!

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Again, thank you in advance for your support!