Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Exciting Sunday for the girls

Hey all!

So this past weekend was packed with fun new things the girls got to experience. All in ONE day.

My dad is a member of the Shriner's in NJ, and bought these tickets for the circus show they have been doing the last few years.  The last couple of years, I haven't really been interested, or the car was running crappy. Well this year, new car, i thought WHY NOT?  We can't give the girls a "summer vacation", so we want to try to let them experience new things this summer, on a smaller budget. And my father already had the tickets, so we went. He tagged along with us too,which was cool, because he got the see the girls genuine reactions, at their very first circus.

As soon as we got there, they insisted on going for an elephant ride. Well...Pop-Pop didn't say no, so........  

I was shocked none of them were afraid of it at all. Right up, no issues or hesitance.

Then it was time for the main event....which ran about 30 minutes late, so trying to avoid snacks until intermission, was a bust.

The Ooohhh's and Aaaahhh's that we heard, were so full of joy and excitement, I think a tear came to my eye. I just spent most of the time listening to their reactions. It was awesome!
And then, towards the end, we were able to check out the animals that were in the petting zoo area. I am in love with this shot of Madison feeding the baby giraffe. She could have stayed there all day.

Once we got done there, my mom was upset that she had to miss the fun too and wanted to do something special with them as well, so she made reservations for Bennihanna. Another first for the girls. Ava & Isabel had all of the staff hysterical with how honest and blunt they were about things. It was really an experience. (again)

All in all, it was a good day!!! And the girls had memorable experiences they will never forget!