Monday, April 20, 2015

Living in a swamp??

Hey all!

I just wanted to get on here and complain a little. So if  you are not into any negative in your life, don't read this. But I need to vent.

In the course of a month, we have had FOUR plumbing issues. And now that its Spring, leak season has begun, on top of it all. And I am just sick of it.

First, about a month ago, my husband finally decided to fix this leak in a pipe from the sink to the basement, that has been slowly leaking for a few years. Well, in order to do so he had to shut off the water to the house. He had trouble fixing the issue himself, so we ended up having to get my cousin over for some help. YAY - its finally fixed, all is OK.
Two days later, we find that there is a leak on the main valve and since we had to use it, it agitated the leak. There was a big puddle in the basement.  And to fix this issue, we would need an actually plumber because we would need to shut off the main water from the street. OK......well, he fixed it. A temporary fix, but its done.

Last week, as you may have seen in my last post, we had a leak from the bathroom plumbing, and it saturated the drop ceiling tile so bad, it just collapsed. (the material used for these tiles, just soaks up water, so we only knew something was up when the tile looked saggy) 

Turns out the drainage pipe was leaking from a join. He was able to temporarily fixed that too with some putty. I know, we really should call a plumber, but this is what you do when you literally have NO money for a plumber.

So yesterday, we all slept in really later, due to being out at a few parties all day the day before. It was a good day. Doing some dishes before taking the girls to the park to meet up with some friends and I notice I am standing in water. Didn't think anything of it...thought I just missed while rising a bowl. Something make me look behind me and there was MORE water. So I followed it. To find this........
REALLY????????  Mind you, we do not have a dish washer and I hadn't done dishes in over 24 hrs so.....  I knew it had to be a fairly simple fix, so I didn't worry too much. I dealt with it. And hubby ran to the hardware store and fixed it first thing int he morning.

Today, we wake to pouring rain. its been raining like this since about 1am. I go to do laundry to see that, YEP, the basement is leaking. Its does this. I have accepted it. This house is 115 yrs old.  We know that it just needs to be resealed from the inside and re-concreted from the outside about every few years, and this year seems to be the one where it needs it again.

Not to mention, our back porch roof leaks a little too and for some reason I can't get "someone" to take care of it. So I have to keep an eye on that all Spring/Fall as well.


*vent over*