Friday, April 17, 2015

Life Update - 4.17.15

Hey all!

So I know I am have MIA lately, and thought I would pop in here with a bit of an explanation.....I don't really have one.
Well i do, but its not a good one.

There haven't been any new project or decorating posts because well, honestly, I havent' had to money for supplies. Money has been tight lately, and its slowly getting better, but I have had to prioritize decor and projects to the end of the list. Along with that, it seems though lately, as if the plumbing in our house is trying to take a massive poop. We had a leak that my hubby tried to fix and ended up needing help, which prompted the main valve to the house to leak, which he was able to semi-fix, and now......

.....a pipe for the bathtub drainage is leaking. That is going to be attempted to get fixed tonight. UGH

I have been couponing, but other then what I tell you all the time, there is nothing new and exciting out there....yet. I did just realize today that RetailMeNot has an app, and I am going to download ti and check it out. Will review it for you.

Also, my husband injections for his MS seem to FINALLY be kicking in. he's walking a bit better and its not as tired as often, but...the side effect of depression has kicked in. And I am one of those assholes out there who just doesn't understand depression. If I feel like I am slumping into something, I snap out of it. But I know its not always that easy, so I have been dealing with him and dealing with trying to figure out how to deal with him, from a caring perspective.

So......I apologize for those who actually DO follow me, that its been boring. is getting much better and there will be more outings and events coming up, so I will mostly be doing posts about those things. More posts about personal level things, I guess.
I know its late, but to start it off, if you would like, here are a few photos from our Easter. The girls had a good morning that day.
Hope to see you all soon! Happy Spring!!!

It was a beautiful Sunday. Breezy, but sunny and nice!
Then we attempted to take a 4 person selfie in the car, ha ha.

And of course, our anual photo of the girls at my parents apartment.