Monday, March 30, 2015

Whack an Egg

Hey all!

Easter festivities started this weekend.The kids had their annual egg hunt at my dad's lodge. They have a brunch there, with some crafts, then the kids do an egg hunt out in the yard. There weren't a lot of people this year, but the kids still had fun anyway.

While we were there, the kids were able to do these things they were calling Stomp eggs. You stomp on this foiled wrapper and a balloon inside expands. Pretty cool. But the guy didn't know where his wife got them.

After that, we took our weekly trip to Dollar Tree, and guess what we found??!!!! Whack and Egg. We bought a few packs, because we were supposed to have others kids over that night, but those plans fell through. So we got to play with them all.

Below is a quick one take we did on how these things work. They are pretty cool and can be fun too. I plan to get a bunch more for their Easter Baskets.

Whack and Egg video