Friday, March 27, 2015

Pretty Easter baskets on a budget

Hey all!

For some of us, Easter may be a bit of a money sucker, along the likes of Christmas.  We have to get the outfits and the shoes to go with the outfits, and the eggs and dye and baskets and goodies for inside the baskets. And it seems to me now, that kids expect real gifts on Easter as well. When did that happen???
But not all of us can afford that. My kids wanted these $10 character baskets, that they will grow out of and maybe not even like next year. So we decided to take some lower cost plain ones, and jazz them up, to make them look more extravagant.

I purchased these baskets below for about $3 each at FiveBelow.  (I did jump the gun on that purchase, I wish I spent less)

Then we bought these foam initial letters from ACMoore for $1.99 each, and I had a 50% off coupon. It was just me there, so I was only able to use 1 coupon, which made these $5.00 for 3. (If you play your cards right and take people with you, you could use 1 coupon per letter and get them for $1 each)

Next, I hit the DollarTree. We picked out some silk flower bundles and some butterfly bundles. 5 bundles for $5.00.

Use a little hot glue and some creativity and voila! Each basket ended up costing about $7.00 a piece. And now my girls have their own personalized Easter baskets for years to come!!!

If this idea is still a little too steep for your budget, check out my post from last year to see what type of "basket" I used for the girls, and what low cost items I placed inside of them. Link below.
Hope this helps inspire you to have a creative Easter as well!

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