Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's goodie boxes

Hey all!

Hope you are all staying warm. Here in NJ, although we haven't gotten much snow, we have had the cold and I woke today to a lovely 6 degrees.  The perfect weather to just stay in and cuddle up with your loved ones. It is Valentine's weekend after all.

In our house, we never really go all out for Valentine's Day. For many many years, we just couldn't afford it and I used to think it was just a Hallmark holiday anyway. But then the kids started going to school and I started the tradition of making them goodie bags. (I did realize last night that its pretty much the same concept of Easter baskets, but they KNOW it comes from me)

This year, while out and about, we found these cute craft kits at Target, that I just couldn't resist. And the size of the box is perfect. The kit itself was $3 for the foam stickers and all, and the box was sold separately for $3, so each was $6 - not too bad. That was a fun craft one cold night, and it kept them all busy for about an hour.  We had a castle, a unicorn, and a funky zebra print. (I know Vday is tomorrow, but if you have Cartwheel app, there is a 40% off coupon, on these right now)

Over the last week, I have been picking up little things here and there, and finally got them all assembled.

I forgot to take pics of everything separately, but I did snap a pic of these cute sticky note pads I found at Dollar Tree!

 Here it is all finished and put together. List of items, stores bought and prices are below.

*Cards - Dollar General -- $1 ea.
*Starburst gum - Target - 3 pack for $1.00 after coupons & Cartwheel
*chocolate M&M type candle tube - Dollar Tree - $1 ea.
*tub of cotton candy - Target - $1.00ea.
*bracelets in there each the girls made for each other from a kit we got at Walmart for $2.50 (kit made 5 bracelets and included Shirnky Dink charms
*Sticky note pads - Dollar Tree - $1 ea.
*chocolate goodie bags - Target -  3 bags of different chocolates was $9 total for brand names and the goodie bags with ties were $1.00 for a package of dozen
*cups with straw - Target - $5.50 ea. on sale

The cups were a little much, but with their goodie bags I like to treat them to one non V-day type "goodie". And luckily we have been  getting our taxes before Vday these past few years. One year I bought them cute little purses and filled them with candy and stuff. Last year we got these heart baskets (still sold this year at Dollar Tree) and filled that with goodies and note pads with new pencils/pens.  Just something to make them feel "loved". And it came to only about $20 per child. (again, we just got our taxes - usually its about $30 for all 3)

Not pictured, I also made a goodie bag for the hubby, but will need to post separately. There is a small little project I have to do with the girls before its all done, and he is off today.

Hope this helps inspire you for ANY occasion, really.