Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cleaning Groups make it easier

Hey all!

Yesterday I mentioned how when I pick up around the house, I do everything in groups. And I said I would further explain that. So here we are.

If you look around the rooms that you clean the most, you should be able to see a pattern with what is usually in that room, what people leave in that room, and what always is getting picked up. once you figure that out, group them into categories

I know it can be overwhelming once you walk into a messy room and you juts don't know where to start. So what you do is walk in, think of what group of stuff is making the most mess, and pick that up first. And so and and so forth.

Below is an example of my Living room groups that I pick up by:

For instance, this morning, there were couch blankets all over, so I put all those in the blanket basket. Then I was able to see that the girls left a lot of clothes, so I threw those all down int he basement. next I picked up dishes and collected trash laying around. Done Now I can easily run a vacuum real fast.

I have the same kind of list for the kitchen as well:
Yes, clothes seem to be in our kitchen a lot too. I don't know why. Its a big kitchen and my husband insist on having a TV in there, so, it happens.

I have categories like this for each room, even the girls bedrooms. They have a list on their wall, and when they have to clean their room, they go down the list of groups. It seems to help them as well.

Hope you try this out. Let me know how it works for you!