Monday, February 16, 2015

DIY gift for any occasion

Hey all!

I know this has been seen all over the place, but it really is a great idea when you are in a "what do I buy this person" rut.
My kids wanted to do this for their Daddy for Valentine's day, and it was really simple.

 Just start with a regular mug. It can be clear plastic like this, or a ceramic mug in white, either will do.
Next, you need your writing utensil. We bought an acrylic paint marker, since the cup was plastic. (If it were ceramic, we would have done permanent marker and baked the cup in the oven to seal it.)
I will admit, using the paint marker on plastic, we did not seal it. I just really wanted it to look super cute for the reveal at opening.


Next you fill the cup with Reese's pieces. (We will be using puzzle pieces for a DIY gift at Mother's Day)
Write on the mug "We love you to Pieces"  -- get it? Get it?  Ha ha

Total spent on this project was under $10 and the kids loved giving it to Daddy. 
Hope you enjoy this quick little DIY gift that you can make for any occasion.