Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Current Cleaning Routine

Hey all!

If you are anything like you me, you feel like you either clean all the time, or like you never have time to clean. I took the day off of work yesterday, and had literally NO time to clean.It was a busy busy day. I actually passed out before 11pm, which is early for me.
That busy day led me to having to get shit done this morning. So I thought I would share with you my cleaning "routine". I loosely call this a routine because, happens....and you fall off track. and if your a working mom like me, life can fall off track every few days. But to try my best to stay ON TRACK, I follow this little routine below.

All week days:

7:20am -- Once I wake up the kids, and they are moving, I get myself dressed and shoes on and ready to walk out the door. But, while i am waiting for the kids to come downstairs and need my assistance, I will try to start doing some dishes. (we do NOT have a dishwasher) Usually I can get through a load of cups. And that way, 25% or more of the dishes are done for later.

8:30am -- All the kids have been dropped off at school.This is typically when I will pick up the LR. I use my grouping method of picking up - dishes, clothes, trash, shoes & blankets. (will do another post on this Grouping method tomorrow)

9:00am - I have to log in for work. And usually I have to pick up the desk to be able to make it a workable space, so that gets cleared everyday as well.

With those duties, of course things will change on an ass needed basis. Sometimes the kitchen needs ALL my attention and the LR doesn't.

Throughout the day, I will pick up a few little things here and there as needed. If one room is extremely messy with the kids stuff, I make them pick it up.

10:00pm -- Before bed, when I am making the kids lunches, I try to completely clean the counters and tables & wipe them down. That way the kitchen is fresh and ready to go in the morning, and I can just start on the dishes.

Wednesday - recycle trash day:
Our inside can for recycle items goes out every Wednesday morning. On those days, I pull out both trash cans from that corner of the kitchen and sweep & mop that corner.

Typically on weekends, I try to get cleaning done, that is a little more tedious. I try to clean the bathroom, sweep & mop the kitchen, make sure everything is wiped down and clean like stoves and cabinets. I will straighten up our front porch and maybe vacuum it (depending on how much time we are spending out there at that time of the year). Vacuum the couch. Straighten up shelves and wipe them down. Get any laundry to the place where its needed, whether it needs to be done or if it needs to be put away.

As i stated, life happens and things change, so this list is mainly my goals for cleaning. Lately I feel I have been doing pretty well with trying to stay on top of this. And, this also changes in summertime as well, as kids are home all day and I work from home, so we are all here all day, everyday.

I hope this helps you realize that you too can keep on top of things, if you just attack cleaning in smaller portions throughout the day and not a big huge chore each day.