Monday, February 9, 2015

My thoughts on the Grammy's

Hey all!! 
So, I have been hitting a road block lately with the blogs, I know. its winter and we don't get out much, so there isn't too much to talk about. And like I have mentioned in some past posts, that we are not in a financial place right now where I can do shopping sprees and stuff like that. SO......

I am going to start doing these blog posts where I vent about celebrity stuff. I watch a lot of reality shows (hey, its pretty much all there is anymore). And we shall see how all of my readers like that. 
I will still be doing all my other money saving tips and couponing and craft posts. This is just going to be a new installment to MamaMIA.

Today, the topic is the Grammy's!!!! 

I actually watched quite a bit of this last night, including some red carpet interviews and such. So here are my thoughts.

*Madonna - its polite courtesy to not have your back to the person interviewing you. Ryan Seacrest had to keep leaning around her to put the microphone in front of her so she could be heard.

*Arianna Grande - loved the new song, but boring performance. Although I guess it did make you actually listen to the song and her voice, so not too bad.

*Taylor Swift always annoys me and I hate that I like her songs, so no comments there.

*Madonna - I used to love her. I feel like each time she makes a new album it comes and goes pretty fast. I like her, but I think with her aging, she should maybe start doing some more mature things. I don't know...just my opinion.

*Lady Gaga -- First, I like her new look, although it did remind me of Jessica Rabbit. But that's OK!
Second, am I the only one who noticed, it seems as though she wasn't sure how to move in that dress, to that song, and I swear it was like the was "trying" to twerk while standing up straight. It was a little odd. All together, her and tony sound great together though!

*Pharrel Williams -- that was the scariest version of Happy I have ever heard. It did not make me feel happy at all.

*Kanye West -- I feel he is conceited and his performance made it seems as though that is true. All lights in the place off except for him, and then he just runs off stage??? And of course...his "playing around" act at the more words....**eye roll**

*Kim Kadashian -- I am REALLY getting tired of seeing your boobs.