Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Organizational Goals

Hey all!

Part of my New Years resolution was to keep up on my organizing of my home. I know that when I post organizing ideas and tips and what I did, it makes it look like my house is clean. HA HA HA I have 3 lazy children and a husband....when I DO clean, it stays that way for about an hour. And I am not ashamed, because I know I am not alone. There are just not enough hours in the day for 2 working parents in a household of 5 people.

So I thought I would share with you my before "issues". Then in a few weeks or a month, I can show you what I got to resolve the issues and post pictured of the after.

OH, but first, I forgot that I did handle one already over the weekend.

So, in this cabinet shown below, is where we keep some of our food items. Typically we also keep our onions and potatoes on the bottom area.  And we tend to just throw the bags under there, then they fall all over, and it can be hard to keep the doors closed.

 So...I hit Dollar tree and within the first few feet of the store, I was done with my project. Yay!! As they say at Staples "that was easy".

Moving onto the areas that still need to be addressed.

First my shelf in the living room. When I first got this, it was all nice and neat (I will post the blog below that shows that organization haul). And then we began to re purpose a few of the shelves and its just a mess these days. Also the bins I got a year ago, are not really what I need, for the purpose I use them for. SIGH  This is actually a 6 foot high 5 shelf unit. We have books on the bottom, then the next up we have fabric bins which are no longer working (again, see other blog post below), and then there are these 2 shelves.  Its mostly games and a few air freshers. I WILL figure this one out.

Also we have my desk. If you follow me, you know that I work from home, which is why I have so much on my desk. Its not really just a catch all type of central hub, I DO clean it up every few days. But I admit, I don't open all the mail and file it away as soon as I get it, as I would in a perfect world. That file holder I have is way to small for what I use it for. And the cubby underneath where my kids just put things, when I tell them to clean up...SMH.  I am currently researching file holder that also has an underneath bin (vertical and horizontal in one), and I want to get a decorative thing to put the mail pile in, until I file it. I can't wait until I get it figured out.

Lastly...this one is mostly my fault, but its OK. Up until Christmas, we only had 2 couch blankets for 5 of us. One was not big enough for adults, and the other was a for real comforter...on the couch...  So, people finally got the hint and we got 3 new couch blankets for Christmas.

However.....I don't have a place for them. And I don't like just folding them and putting them over the back of the couch. They don't all match the theme I have going. So...I want a blanket basket. There is one at Target that matches our shoe bin (see linked post below) exactly, but is round. But its also $40....which is not an amount I can just drop on a bin. There are others I like as well, but all seem to run about $30 for something durable. So that is another thing being worked on.

I know that seems like a lot of talking about what I want to do, and there aren't any after pics, but its coming. And maybe you all can share some of your organizing tricks you might use for any of these areas in your home, with me?  Until next time......

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