Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Memory issues with MS

Hey all!

Just wanted to share with you the newest on the MS venture with Brian.

We now have the short term memory issue as a side effect. he mentioned a while back that he thought he was having issues with it, but its come to the surface now and noticeable, to others.

For example, the other day, our kids ran through the house with snow on their shoes, and he was about to tell them to be careful. I stopped him and said they were going out back. He said OK. He was talking WITH me. About 10 minutes later, he went out to check on them and spoke WITH them about having fun. No more then 5 minutes later, he came to me and asked where they were.

Another example, he told the twins to pick out a game and he would play with them. He threw a pillow on the floor to get comfy. 2 minutes later, he grabbed a blanket to lay on the couch. I asked if he forgot he told them he would play and game and he just looked at me and shook his head Yes. I didn't reply. In that moment I knew that he now knows I am seeing what is going on and he can't hide it anymore.

It may seem like a little thing, and i should be able to just let it go. And I try. I stop myself a lot and just back off. But its a learning process and change of thinking for me as well.

See, over the last 12 yrs, most of the time, Brian would always just do things on purpose to make me mad, or forget things I tell him  mainly because he didn't care enough to really listen to me. So after all those years of knowing he was just being a butt, its hard for me to not immediately snap back with "I already told you that, weren't you listening???".  It's not always his fault now, and sometimes he just really forgets.

Its kind of ironic because he used to call me a nag. But now, I kinda of NEED to be a nag for him.

Well, nothing more to report on this. Just wanted to give an update, for any other care takers out there, to either see what you may need to keep an eye out for, or to help you feel like you are not alone.