Monday, January 5, 2015


I have to admit, my kids weren't too too bad this time around. I think its partly because my husband is home more, so he was able to take them out a couple time, and partly because the holidays feel in the middle of the weeks. But I am sooooo glad it over...and not for your typical reasons either.

Yes, the kids can stop now with the 20 questions of "What are we doing today?" "Are we going anywhere today?" "Can we go anywhere today?"  UGH   But we can all get back to our normal routine.

I am learning that your body gets used to your routine. And since I really haven't had a routine the last few weeks, I have been achy and sore for no good reason. Today alone, I have been awake since 5:30am with pain. I took some medicine first thing today and it still not working.I am hoping I just need to get moving & I will feel better.

Along with the body aches from not really doing anything, my chores have been lack.I was getting up either right before I had to log in for work, or getting up whenever and not really have time or energy to get stuff done. Then as I sit there on the couch, thinking of all I need to get done, I was also thinking "WHY? WHY do I HAVE to do the laundry right now? I don't. So I won't."  And on the couch I continued to sit.

You might wonder why I didn't just get up and go do something....well, doing something typically costs money. Nuff said.

So last night, after sitting in the couch for 3 hrs, i finally got up. I had stuff I really did HAVE to do. I made the lunches, did the dishes, cleaned off the table. I felt so good about it, I wanted to keep going. But it was 11pm and 7am was creeping up quickly. But still...

This morning, I HAD to get up. I HAD to get out of the house. When I was done dropping off the kids, I couldn't just sit and watch TV. I HAVE to work today, so therefore I HAD to clean off my desk.

Normal life....oh how I have missed you.

A mom with no kids in the house right now at 9am.