Friday, January 16, 2015

Grocery shop smarter and cheaper

Hey all!
I have been asked a lot how I get things so cheap and how I keep my grocery bill low. So I thought I would share with you, a few of my tips, on how to grocery shop cheaper, which is smarter.

1 - Don't be brand specific. This is one thing I preach all the time! Being loyal to a certain brand is how you find it harder to lower that grocery bill. You may like Sargento shredded cheddar and pay over $3 or $4 a package, but why not try another brand (the one on sale) for about $2- $3 a package?
Keep in mind that almost everything in the grocery store, has a long list of different brands that make that same thing. At least ONE of those brands will be on sale each and every week. When I shop, I shop by price all the time. 

2 - Value size packages are not always better. yes it might be cheaper per use or per serving, but...are you REALLY going to use/eat all of that before the next pay check? Unless you have a family of 6 or more, value packs are OK in the long run, but if you have to live paycheck to paycheck, its not worth the extra money.

3 - Buy ONLY what you need. This goes along with the value sized. If you aren't going to use it/need it before the next pay check, don't waste money on it now. You may need that extra $5 for meds when the little ones get sick in a few days. I have seen that if the food is there, it will be eaten - whether there is really hunger present or not. I found that my kids "boredom ate" less, when there was less food in the house, which in turn made them eat more of their actual meals.

4 - If the store has a store card, make sure you have one!!!! I have found that, if a store has a store card, they list the  "with card" price first, and the real price tends to be smaller. If you don't have a store card, your bill will be higher!

5 - If you can, make a list. I try to do this all the time, but don't always. And that's because, I get paid twice a month. After each check, I do a "big grocery haul". This is usually about $150-$200 for our family of 5 (depending on if the kids are in school or not, since we pack lunches). Now I admit, that most of those groceries are gone within a week. But instead of doing another "big grocery" trip, I make smaller trips, and this is where my list making works for me. I will think of things we need for the next few days, look to see what I already have that I can use, and make a list. Then when I get to the store, I buy only what is on that list. (unless I see something that is REALLY cheap that we will need)

Hope these tips help you lower your grocery bill a little. Thanks!