Friday, December 12, 2014

Just trying to get by

Hey all. Just wanted to pop in here and say that if my blogs have not been what was expected lately, I'm sorry. Things have just really been weighing on me lately and my mind is just not able to be focused on anything else except for money issues. I have a real test coming up in the next few days and I'm stressing about it.

As most of you may know, my husband Brian recently had to cut back his hours at work from full time to part time and demoted himself away from manager position, this also came along with a pay cut. now, we knew this was on the horizon, but....we were hoping it wouldn't happen until his child support had been stopped, so the difference in the pay would not be so significant.  Well, his body wasn't waiting any longer and he was forced to go part time right after Thanksgiving...and the child support is still in effect. So he has pretty much been getting paid $25 a week. Which means, all other financial obligations have been completely on me.

Now, I know that I make enough money to have us "get by", barely but we could do it. However, in the next 2 weeks, I have only one of my paychecks to work with. We have no money in the savings account. So for the next 2 weeks, I have one paycheck to -- pay bills, get oil to heat the house, xmas shop for the 3 kids, grocery shop for 2 weeks and Christmas dinner, annnnddddd I have my husbands birthday AND the twins birthday.  I don't make THAT much money. So...I'm sorry, I am having trouble finding things to blog about. Oh and.....because the child support didn't stop yet, and with the part time hours, he hasn't been making enough money to pay it all, so now he is in arrears, and its supposed to stop Dec. 15th. Not sure it will stop now, until we pay the arrears. UGH  All for a 26 yr old man to take 4 classes and not work -- whatever.

But, it is that time of year where a lot of people struggle. I just wish all this stuff didn't happen so soon. And I am trying to not constantly complain about it because I know others might be in worse suituations then us. still sucks! And to try to not make brian feel worse, I keep having the "I got this" attitude, but inside I am freaking out.

We are about to run out of heating oil at anytime now. And I can't figure out what to do. I have $100 to get $100 worth today, but that will only get me about 18 gallons. If I can wait until tomorrow, I can get $200 worth and that would give me about 50 gallons, and I won't have to worry about it until next pay period. BUT....I am scared we might run out of oil tonight...its in the 20s at night. hmmm

Luckily, I do have about half of the girls gifts already, but the few more items I need to get are like another $200, along with finishing up family gifts, and deciding what me and Brian are going to do for each other.

To prevent having to have a party, I decided to take the twins to go see Annie movie for their birthday. We have a $25 gift card that we found from a past gift, and it doesn't expire, so we thought we would use that. Ummmm, tickets are gonna be like $11.50 per person and we have a 5 person family. THIS is why we don't go to the movies. UGH. And, we are just going to invite a few family members over to sing happy birthday and I'll make cupcakes for that, so that will help with cost of cake. But...I am really wondering if I should just have the party now, as it seems like I can do that cheaper then the movies. BUT.....I already promised them. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH

Anyway, sorry for the personal rant, but like I said, that is all that is on my mind right now.

I do plan on cleaning this weekend, so I can take some pics and do a home decorations tour. MAYBE I will get brave and just do a vlog for it.  (if not, that is definitely on my new years resolution list) We'll see, if I can get the place clean enough and get the kids to leave me alone long enough to do it.
 I will also be researching some New Year's Eve party ideas and doing a post about that as well.

Thanks for letting me rant and worry......Until next time........

Oh, below is our Xmas card that I did this year. I think it is perfect for how we will be celebrating our holiday this year.