Thursday, December 11, 2014

Frizz to straight

Hey all!

I was getting ready to do my hair the other day and I realized how my hair texture has come a long way. I used to have rough texture hair, and then I learned how to take care of it. So i thought I would share with you all, how I do MY hair and what I use to keep it smooth looking and feeling.

First, I am a night time shower person, so my hair doesn't take too long to do.I wash it at night and when I go to do it the next day, its already dry. frizzy...but dry. I have natural wavy hair, that is thick too. I can't just wash my hair and go. I either need to use product on it wet for the curly look, or straighten it. There is no air dying for me. 

DISCLAIMER:  beware of the scary looking no hair done, no make up face.

This is my fresh washed and dried over night hair.


Next I get out all my products and tool. There really is not a lot. Straightener, hair clip, hair spray for the end, and some leave in conditioner. Now that product that was in that bottle is all gone, but I have in there a mixture of Garnier leave in conditioner with water. I use this same mixture on the girls hair in the morning. Its a great detangler and it helps keep my hair soft, if I use it while straightening as well. I just spray the section I am about to do, then straighten it.  There are other products I use as well, either right out of the shower, or pre-straightening. one of Garnier Dry Ends serum. I love that one most, but its hard to find now with new products coming out.

 To start, pull up most of your hair, just leaving a section down. Its easier to straighten in thinner sections, then trying to do thick chunks. You will look like a peacock, but its OK.

  This is a preference, but I mostly like my ends to go under a little. because I run my hairs through my hair a lot, so I find if I put the ends under, it gives it more of a style, then just pin straight. Although, I also like it pin straight at times as well.  Just give the iron a little turn as you get close to the ends.

You can seethe difference between straight and not straight. Much more tamed.

I personally don't like the top of my hair flat against my head. I'm a 90s girl..we used to skinny barrel curl and tease, Hello!  So when I straighten the bangs, or front sections, I pull the straightener UP instead of out to the side or down. Then brush it back and spray a little. Yes this fall through out the day, but it helps it from being ultra flat.

Add a little make up, and you are ready for the day!