Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas filled weekend

Hey all!

I know its been a few days, but it was a long, busy eventful weekend. And then I took off on Monday to get some "Santa" stuff done, so I was pretty busy when I got back to normal life on Tuesday. Whew!
 However, I thought I would share all of the Christmas Spirit fun we had this weekend.

Friday, we headed to my hometown's Light parade. We usually always meet my one friend there, but this year, we met up with a few others as well. Some we haven't' seen in years. It was like a mini reunion. And my kids had a bunch of other kids to hang out with as well. It was just a fun time all around.

Saturday, Brian worked an early shift and got home at 1pm, so I was able to get out and hit a few sales that were one day only. Got some stuff checked off my list. Then came home to the girls baking cookies with my sister. A yearly tradition they do.

Sunday, we went to church. We don't go often, but my husband's family, goes to a local church around here. Small crowd. And they put on this holiday type service each year, that is directed by his cute little Aunt Roxene. We have missed the last few years due to illnesses that pop up, but we made it this year! Our cousin's kids were doing the bells and in the choir. It was really cute. And I like to expose the kids to church at least that one time a year, so they get a knowledge of what its about, without me forcing them.  
Later that night, we all met up to do some Christmas light hunting. We did hit a couple of really good houses.
This one was in Sewell, NJ. Not a walk through, but a lot to look at. The owner even came out and talked with us for a few minutes about it.

The next one we hit was in Pitman, NJ. Apparently its this family that sets up this huge walk through. They continue the tradition for their father who passed away. Its like an entire block. I included a link below, that is an article that was done about it a couple years ago.

 We have been very good girls this year!!!
 We just wanted to take a pic real fast, but asked the kids to take the picture for us. moms should know better!

 This is the memoriam notice they have hanging up, for their father, who started it all.

Hagerty Christmas Lights, Pitman, NJ

All in all it was a very nice weekend, celebrating the spirit of Christmas with my kids.  And if you are from the area, I hope you can take the time to stop in Pitman and check out the Hagerty display.
Merry Christmas!!!