Monday, December 8, 2014

Easy Egg Nog Cupcakes

Hey all! Its the time of year for baking. And the easier it is, the better. I have my easy eggnog cupcake recipe for you all below. They came out pretty good. 

First you start with the ingredients below:
*box of vanilla cake mix
*container of any white icing 
Now I know in the picture, I have standing there a bottle of Rum flavored extract. That was a fail! That stuff is better meant to be cooked in something, not used to flavor icing. So...ignore that rum extract!!!

Mix the cupcakes, as instructed on the box, EXCEPT, replace the water with the eggnog. For instance, this recipe called for 1 cup of water, so I used 1 cup of eggnog instead. 
Bake as instructed. That's it. Nothing fancy. And yes, you can taste the eggnog. if you would like, I can suggest adding a bit of nutmeg to the mix.

Next...,per above, I did try to flavor the icing with rum extract and it sucked. So I went and bought a new container of icing. I colored it with green dye, and flavored it with a bit of nutmeg and vanilla. 

That's it.

Hope you enjoy this easy twist, on a store bought recipe!