Wednesday, December 10, 2014

No woman should ever have to bow down to a man

So I read this article last night that bothered me. I was a  little appalled by it actually. Then just now, while doing dishes, it popped in my head again and it started to piss me off.  

The title of the article was something along the lines of 5 way a woman could be ruining her marriage and family and not even know it. I try to be honest with myself, so I read it to see if there was anything I needed to be aware of myself. 
EXCUSE ME????  HELLO - ITS 2014!!!!!  What decade does this author live in?

Number 1 on the list was basically saying, you should be thankful for your husband working and never want for anything. F*ck that! 

Now, I have never been in a position where I was a stay at home mom/wife while my husband worked. We both worked full time to provide for our children, and we still struggle. However, things might be changing soon due to my husband health,  and I might be the only income in the house. So I have thought about what I expect, and how I don't want to act towards my husband when the time comes.  So when I read that article, I put myself in the place of the working spouse and was pissed. I would never expect my spouse to basically be overly grateful for me working. Yes, they should show gratitude once in a while. But this article made it sound like women should now down to their men. Ummm....NO!

So I compiled my own little list of 5 things a man should and shouldn't do to keep his wife, based off that article.

1 - If your wife has the time and the want to work, do  not stop her. That will only make her feel belittled, like you want to make sure she is nothing, and needs you. This is also a way of trapping the women. Yes, we know about that, we are not stupid.

2 - Do not expect your wife to kiss your ass for working, unless you plan on kissing her ass for every little thing she does. And if you think she does nothing, you might want to talk to her about that and school yourself on her job.

3 - Never throw it in her face that since you make the money, you get what you want, and she has to wait. I feel that for everything the working man wants to purchase for himself, he should treat the wife to something. And I'm not talking large extravagant things either. Just on a normal daily basis, with everyday type things. If you WANT a new coat, and the wife NEEDS new sneakers....well technically there, the wife should get her need before your want, but still, my point is.....share the wealth. She is your wife, not your child.

4 - I have seen this one too many times to count. The husband comes home, eats the meal the wife cooked, and sits and watches TV. All while the wife is doing dishes, bathing kids, making lunches, doing a bit of laundry. Then after all is said and done, the husband wants attention and affection. Really????  She might be more in the mood if you got off your ass and helped her. That might actually make her want you.

5 - If your wife seems to be bitchy and  negative a lot, THERE IS A REASON FOR IT. Do not ignore it or tell her to lighten up. Ask her what might be going on with her.

PS -  Men, if your stay at home wife, financially doesn't NEED to work, but gets a might wanna keep her happy. Just sayin........ 

And to the women who allow this....only YOU can change it.